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  • Shamser Khalid

‘You Need To Be A Proper Devil To Hate MS Dhoni’ Says Pandya

‘You Need To Be A Proper Devil To Hate MS Dhoni’ Says Pandya JW7Today
‘You Need To Be A Proper Devil To Hate MS Dhoni’ Says Pandya

Chennai Super Kings and Gujarat Titans were set to clash in the highly anticipated Qualifier 1 match at the iconic MA Chidambaram Stadium. Amidst the excitement, Gujarat Titans skipper Hardik Pandya took a moment to reflect on the legendary Mahendra Singh Dhoni and debunked the prevalent myth that Dhoni was a serious person.

Pandya, known for his dynamic cricketing skills and charismatic personality, expressed his admiration for Dhoni and emphasized that harboring any grudges against the talismanic captain would require being a "proper devil." In a video posted by the Gujarat Titans on social media, Pandya conveyed his message to the fans and cricket lovers, highlighting the immense respect and adoration he had for Dhoni.

"Mere words cannot describe the fandom Mahendra Singh Dhoni commands. You need to possess an extraordinary disposition to hate such an exceptional player like him," Pandya stated with conviction, exemplifying his unwavering support for the iconic cricketer.

Dhoni's remarkable resurgence in the previous season has reignited the spotlight on him as the Chennai Super Kings strive to claim their fifth IPL title. After a disappointing second-last finish in 2022, CSK has bounced back with tremendous form. The likes of Devon Conway, Ruturaj Gaikwad, and Ajinkya Rahane have formed a formidable alliance, once again molding the team into a title-contending force.

Pandya attributed his own cricketing growth to Dhoni, acknowledging the invaluable lessons he learned from the former Indian captain. Interestingly, Pandya revealed that his learning experiences didn't come from intense discussions or picking Dhoni's brain but rather from observing him closely in action.

"Many people perceive Mahi as a serious individual, but for me, he is more than that. I share jokes with him, and I don't see him just as Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Of course, I have learned a great deal from him, numerous positive attributes that I have imbibed simply by observing him," explained Pandya, whose goal was to guide the Gujarat Titans to a consecutive IPL title, having emerged victorious against the Rajasthan Royals in the previous season.

Highlighting the depth of their bond, Pandya referred to Dhoni as a dear friend and a brother, someone with whom he could comfortably engage in pranks and enjoy a relaxed camaraderie.

"He's more than just a cricketing legend to me; he's like a cherished friend, a dear brother, with whom I share moments of fun and mischief," Pandya revealed, emphasizing the affectionate connection he shared with Dhoni.

The Gujarat Titans also conveyed their admiration for Dhoni, referring to him as a "Captain. Leader. Legend." The team's social media message encapsulated the overwhelming emotions associated with Dhoni's illustrious career and his undeniable impact on the sport.

As the Chennai Super Kings and Gujarat Titans prepared to battle it out on the field, the spotlight remained firmly on Mahendra Singh Dhoni. His enduring legacy as a captain, leader, and cricketing icon continued to captivate fans and players alike, with Hardik Pandya's heartfelt words serving as a testament to the profound impact Dhoni has had on the cricketing fraternity.


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