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  • Nasima Akter

Vlahovic Dismisses Claims of an Affair with a Teammate’s Wife

As a result of Dusan Vlahovic's lack of World Cup game time, the Juventus forward is now facing claims that the reason behind it is an ongoing affair with a team-mate's wife.

So far, the player started both of Serbia's World Cup group games from the bench and even failed to make it onto the pitch for their recent 3-3 draw with Cameroon. Given the player's impressive record, this raised plenty of eyebrows among fans.

When questions began to rise, Serbian media outlets provided an answer. According to their reports, Vlahovic's lack of minutes in the tournament was due to an affair with the wife of national reserve goalkeeper Predrag Rajkovic.

Rajkovic and his wife have been married since August 2018 and have two children together. Prior to the affair claims, Vlahovic had no details confirmed on his dating life.

The claims were deemed rubbish by the player, and he even spoke out in a pre-match press conference.

He stated, "What we all read and hear about, there's no need to comment on something so absurd. Evidently these people are bored and have nothing better to do because they are frustrated or angry, but working against the national interest of the team at the moment is obviously their main job right now." - sponsored ad

He further expressed that the squad was more united than ever and that the stories were ridiculous. In addition, he would take legal action if necessary to protect his name and integrity.

The wife in question, Ana Cakic, also had something to say and took to social media to dismiss the claims. She insists that she'd been caring for her son in hospital over the last month.

In response to a reporter's tweet, Cakic wrote: "We've survived worse, believe me. Thanks to all the journalists who ignored me and didn't publish anything about Tadija's health condition, and the other people who think it's best to attack a wounded lion got a little carried away, because the pack is defending it! Thank you!"

Later in the press conference, Vlahovic stated, “'I didn’t play because I was not ready enough, but I feel better now and am completely concentrated on the next match.'”


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