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  • Shamser Khalid

Virat Kohli's Special Post On 12 Years In Test Cricket

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Virat Kohli, the renowned Indian cricketer, recently celebrated a significant milestone in his illustrious career as he completed 12 years in Test cricket. It was on June 20, 2011, that Kohli made his debut in the longest format of the game against West Indies at Sabina Park. Since that momentous day, he has accumulated a staggering total of 8,479 runs in 109 matches, firmly establishing himself as one of the game's most prolific run-scorers.

In commemoration of this achievement, Kohli took to his social media platforms, particularly Twitter, to express his gratitude to his fans. He shared a captivating picture of himself in action during Test matches and accompanied it with a heartfelt caption that read, "12 years in test cricket today. Forever grateful." The post garnered tremendous attention and appreciation from his followers, serving as a testament to the widespread admiration he enjoys as a cricketer.

It is no surprise that Kohli has achieved such immense popularity on social media platforms. With an astonishing 252 million followers on Instagram, he stands among the most influential and followed athletes in the world. His ability to connect with his fans through these digital channels has allowed him to cultivate a massive global fanbase, further cementing his status as a sporting icon.

Apart from his exceptional prowess on the cricket field, Kohli's success has also translated into financial prosperity. According to Stock Gro, his net worth currently stands at an impressive Rs 1,050 crore, making him the highest-earning international cricketer. This financial success can be attributed to various income streams that Kohli has tapped into throughout his career.

One of the primary sources of his earnings is his "A+" Team India contract, which fetches him Rs 7 crore annually. Additionally, Kohli commands substantial match fees, with Rs 15 lakh per Test match, Rs 6 lakh per One Day International (ODI), and Rs 3 lakh per Twenty20 International (T20I). These figures exemplify the recognition and value he brings to the game.

In the Indian Premier League (IPL), Kohli's association with the Royal Challengers Bangalore team not only allows him to showcase his skills in the T20 format but also contributes significantly to his financial standing. His annual contract with the team fetches him a staggering Rs 15 crore, further solidifying his status as one of the most sought-after cricketers in the league.

Moreover, Kohli has diversified his investment portfolio and business interests by venturing into various ventures. He has invested in seven start-ups, including notable names such as Blue Tribe, Universal Sportsbiz, MPL, and Sports Convo. This strategic involvement in the startup ecosystem showcases his entrepreneurial acumen and demonstrates his commitment to fostering innovation and growth in multiple industries.

Kohli's success extends beyond the cricket field and business ventures, as he has become a prominent face in the world of endorsements. With over 18 brand endorsements to his name, he charges a substantial fee ranging from Rs 7.50 to 10 crores annually for each advertisement shoot. This remarkable figure solidifies his position as one of the highest-earning individuals in both the Bollywood and sports industries. Collectively, these endorsements contribute approximately Rs 175 crore to his annual earnings, further augmenting his financial stature.

As Virat Kohli celebrates his 12-year journey in Test cricket, his remarkable achievements both on and off the field serve as a testament to his exceptional talent, dedication, and astute business acumen. With an ever-growing fan base, significant financial success, and a diverse portfolio of ventures, he continues to dominate headlines, leaving an indelible mark on the world of cricket and beyond.


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