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  • Nasima Akter

Virat Kohli's Instagram Story Angers BCCI Bosses

Virat Kohli's Instagram Story Angers BCCI Bosses

Virat Kohli, the renowned Indian cricketer, recently shared his Yo-Yo fitness test score on his Instagram story. However, this action did not sit well with the higher-ups at the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). In response, the Indian team management promptly established strict guidelines for all Indian cricketers, particularly those attending the fitness and preparatory camp in Alur, Bengaluru before the upcoming Asia Cup.

Kohli's Instagram story showcased his achievement of a Yo-Yo fitness test score of 17.2, triumphantly stating, "The happiness of finishing the Yo-Yo test between the dreaded cones. 17.2 done." This score exceeded the BCCI's mandated fitness parameter of 16.5. Although fans celebrated Kohli's exceptional fitness levels, the BCCI swiftly intervened due to the confidential nature of such test scores.

The BCCI's reaction was driven by concerns of potential contractual breaches. A BCCI official emphasized that cricketers had been verbally instructed to avoid sharing confidential information, including test scores, on social media platforms. While sharing training pictures was allowed, disclosing actual scores could lead to violations of contractual agreements.

The ongoing fitness and preparatory camp, held in Alur, Bengaluru, was the backdrop for this incident. The players, actively engaged in training and practice sessions, received the guidelines directly from the team management. The camp's main focus was to gear up for the upcoming Asia Cup, slated to be held in Sri Lanka, where India would commence its campaign against arch-rivals Pakistan on September 2nd.

The BCCI's stance on maintaining the confidentiality of certain aspects, especially related to fitness assessments, is rooted in their commitment to professionalism and the integrity of player contracts. By reinforcing these standards, the BCCI aims to safeguard sensitive information while maintaining a disciplined and cohesive team environment.

The fitness camp's routines encompassed various assessments, including lipid profile, blood sugar levels, uric acid, calcium, Vitamin B12 and D levels, creatinine, testosterone, and Dexa tests. This holistic approach ensures that players are in optimal health and physical condition, contributing to the team's overall performance.

Aside from fitness activities, the players also participated in match simulation sessions overseen by the coaching staff, including batting coach Vikram Rathour and head coach Rahul Dravid. These sessions, designed to mimic real match scenarios, provide valuable practice and strategic insights.

It's noteworthy that players returning from the Ireland T20I series may not undergo the Yo-Yo test due to their involvement in the skill-set segment of the camp. This tailored approach recognizes the players' different training phases and requirements.


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