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  • Nasima Akter

Viral Saudi Arabia Fan is now an Argentina Fan

Lionel Messi has plenty of fans as Argentina’s star player. However, a surprising fan was revealed in the aftermath of Argentina’s semi-final win. It was the Saudi Arabian fan who became famous for teasing Messi for not showing up.

When Argentina lost against Saudi Arabia in their opening match, fans everywhere were shocked, while Saudi Arabia fans were more than excited about the win. One Saudi Arabian fan became known worldwide for interrupting a South Korean reporter and asking, "Where is Messi?" repeatedly.

The video was shared all over social media and garnered millions of views. The fan was never identified, but the moment had become a meme throughout the sports world.

He was recognized for the cap he had worn in the viral video. The fan was now wearing an Argentinian scarf and shared his support for the nation following Argentina's 3-0 win over Croatia.


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