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  • Shamser Khalid

Usman Khawaja Singled Out For Abuse In Lord's Long Room

Usman Khawaja Singled Out For Abuse In Lord's Long Room

The recent incident at Lord's Long Room, where the Australian players were confronted by the English crowd, has sparked widespread disappointment around the globe. The crowd's behavior, which included booing the Australian cricketers, was a clear act of retaliation following the dismissal of Jonny Bairstow during the fifth day of the second Ashes Test between England and Australia. What unfolded at the Long Room went beyond mere booing, as some members of Lord's confronted Usman Khawaja and David Warner, capturing the attention of the public. Recognizing the gravity of the situation, the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) promptly issued an apology to the Australian team, led by Pat Cummins.

As news of the incident spread, numerous videos capturing the confrontation started circulating on social media. However, a newly surfaced video offers a different and clearer perspective on the events that unfolded in the historic venue. According to reports from The Age, the video shows Khawaja being singled out for abuse in the Long Room. In the footage, he can be seen calling for security after being subjected to booing from the crowd. Khawaja then points towards certain MCC members and proceeds to go upstairs.

In response to the incident, the MCC took swift action and suspended three members involved in the altercations with the Australian team. The statement released by the MCC emphasized their commitment to a thorough investigation, stating, "They will not be permitted back to Lord's whilst the investigation takes place and were informed of this by MCC Chief Executive, Guy Lavender, this evening."

Khawaja expressed his disappointment over the incident, deeming it "pretty disrespectful." He spoke with Channel Nine, sharing his thoughts on the matter. "It was really disappointing. Lord's is one of my favorite places to come. There's always respect shown at Lord's, particularly in the Members Pavilion in the Long Room, but there wasn't today. It was very disappointing," Khawaja expressed.

He continued by emphasizing the significance of Lord's as a cricketing venue and the generally respectful behavior of the crowd. "If anyone asked me where the best place is to play, I always say Lord's. The crowd is great, particularly the members are great, and some of the stuff that was coming out of the members' mouths is really disappointing, and I wasn't just going to stand by and cop it," Khawaja explained. "So I just talked to a few of them. A few of them were throwing out some pretty big allegations, and I just called them up on it. They kept going, and I was like, well, this is your membership here. So I'm just pointing them out. But it's pretty disrespectful, to be honest. I just expect a lot better from the members," he added.

The incident at Lord's Long Room serves as a stark reminder of the importance of respect and sportsmanship within the game of cricket. The behavior displayed by the English crowd not only tarnished the reputation of Lord's but also undermined the spirit of fair play and camaraderie that cricket stands for. As cricket fans, players, and administrators, it is crucial that we work together to foster an environment that upholds the values of the game and ensures that incidents like these are never repeated. Lord's, known for its rich history and traditions, must remain a beacon of sportsmanship and respect for future generations to cherish and uphold.


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