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  • Shamser Khalid

Urfi Javed's legal woes trigger suicidal thoughts

Urfi Javed's legal woes trigger suicidal thoughts

Uorfi Javed shines as a remarkable celebrity whose every action, big or small, consistently grabs the media's attention, creating headlines. Despite facing frequent criticism, she remains resolute in openly sharing her thoughts. In a recent interview, Uorfi Javed candidly discussed a challenging experience in which she received a legal notice demanding Rs 40 lakhs for declining to participate in intimate scenes for a web series. This situation deeply affected her mental health, leading to thoughts of suicide. Recounting the incident, Uorfi shared.

"At the start of my career, I faced a lawsuit. I was served a legal notice for Rs 40 lakh for refusing to engage in intimate scenes for a web series, which I was uncomfortable with. I was frightened at that time and even had thoughts of ending my life. Now I understand that this incident happened to prepare me for the challenges I face today. Currently, I'm dealing with multiple legal notices and cases. A new case is filed against me every day. If that initial incident hadn't occurred, I would be overwhelmed with fear right now. I have gained an understanding of the consequences and the complexities associated with legal matters."

Uorfi expressed a unique perspective on the struggles she has encountered in her life, asserting that each hurdle she confronted contributed to her growth as an individual.

"For some reason, I believe that everything that unfolded in my life was destined to shape me into the person I am today. Many instances fall into this category. If I hadn't left my home at 16, how would I have reached this point? Back then, I wondered, 'Why me?' But now, I recognize the significance of these experiences in building character. They guide you to make informed decisions. Even if those decisions turn out to be wrong, the crucial aspect is learning lessons from them, which prove valuable later on."

In another instance, Uorfi Javed criticized Ameesha Patel, an actor from "Gadar 2," for making a homophobic comment. During the film's promotional activities, Ameesha had commented on OTT platforms, associating them with "homosexuality and gay-lesbianism".

Unhappy with Ameesha's statement, Uorfi took it upon herself to educate the actor.

“What really is gayism, lesbianism? Keeping your children away from it? So, when she said 'kaho na Pyar hai,' she meant only for straight people? It truly bothers me when public figures speak without properly understanding sensitive subjects. Not finding work for 25 years seems to have made her quite bitter."

Uorfi Javed's journey through challenges and her outspoken stance on pertinent issues demonstrate her resilience and commitment to self-expression. Despite the obstacles she has faced, she continues to evolve into a stronger and more informed individual, using her platform to address important matters within society.


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