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Twitter Reacts to Tendulkar-Gates Meeting

Twitter Reacts to Tendulkar-Gates Meeting JW7Today
Twitter Reacts to Tendulkar-Gates Meeting

Indian cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar’s recent meeting with Microsoft founder Bill Gates has left fans in a frenzy. The two icons held discussions on philanthropy and children’s healthcare in Mumbai, with Tendulkar later taking to Twitter to thank Gates for his insights.

Tendulkar’s tweet quickly went viral, garnering over 1 million views and 32K likes. Fans of both legends reacted positively to the meeting, with many praising the two legends for being in a single frame.

Gates also retweeted the post, stating, “I had a great time learning more about your work in children's healthcare. I’m optimistic that, working together, we can score a century for progress!”

Sachin Tendulkar runs the Sachin Tendulkar Foundation, which works to develop socially backward children. During his meeting with Gates, Tendulkar gained perspectives on philanthropy, including children's healthcare, which his foundation works on.

Meeting Organizers

The meeting was organized by Gates’ non-profit venture, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which works towards healthcare and poverty relief initiatives. Gates’ trip to India marked his first visit since the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Gates and Melinda Gates Foundation has been working closely with the Indian government and other organizations to address a range of pressing social issues.

Other Meetings

The cricket legend was not the only Indian personality Gates met during his trip. He also caught up with his classmate from Harvard University, Anand Mahindra, and gifted him an autographed copy of his book 'The Road Ahead.'

During his visit, Gates also met with Reserve Bank of India governor Shaktikanta Das to discuss a range of important topics. The visit is seen as a significant step forward for India, which has been struggling with several social and economic challenges in recent years.

Bill Gates Comments

Bill Gates has been outspoken about his admiration for India's potential and its contribution to the world. During his visit to the country, he plans to visit and learn from innovators and entrepreneurs who are making significant contributions to the global community.

On February 23, he expressed his happiness about visiting India next week. In one of his tweets, he said how India gives him hope for the future and expressed his excitement to visit the country next week.

"India gives me hope for the future. I'm excited to visit next week and see the work being done by innovators and entrepreneurs to tackle big challenges like climate change, health, and hunger," he tweeted.

The meetings and discussions with Indian personalities such as Sachin Tendulkar and Shaktikanta Das demonstrate Gates' commitment to philanthropy and his interest in learning about social and economic issues in India.

Other Posts by Tendulkar

Overall, the meeting between Tendulkar and Gates was a powerful reminder of how sharing ideas and perspectives can help solve global challenges. As Tendulkar put it, “we are all students for life” and gaining new perspectives is key to making progress towards a better world.

This is not the first time that a social media post featuring Tendulkar made headlines. From learning kayaking to meeting with other cricket legends, Tendulkar has grown a prominent social media presence since retiring from cricket.


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