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Turkish Chef CZN Burak and Partnership with Footballers

Turkish Chef CZN Burak and Partnership with Footballers JW7Today
Turkish Chef CZN Burak and Partnership with Footballers

There's a list of celebrities that know several footballers for different reasons. Among these famous people, one person knows football stars because of food. That person is Turkish Chef CZN Burak. In addition to cooking for several footballers, this chef has collaborated with some of them to establish business ventures together.

Who is Turkish Chef CZN Burak?

Turkish Chef CZN Burak, also known as Burak Özdemir, is a chef who has gained widespread popularity on social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok for his captivating cooking videos and charismatic personality.

This social media star is famous for creating enormous dishes with a smile. In one event, he awed an audience with delectable salted roasted lamb shoulder, meter-long kebab, and a mouthwatering cheese kunefe, a specialty from his city, Hatay.

When CZN Burak Cooked for Footballers

CZN Burak participated in several events during his cooking career. La Liga invited the chef and 99 other social media influencers to Madrid in September 2021 to aid in promoting and marketing the top Spanish football league.

At the time of the event, the Burak revealed that La Liga got in touch with him for his Turkish creations and remarked that the gig was not work but a partnership.

The chef also revealed that Marcelo, the captain of Real Madrid, and Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo are his friends.

CZN Burak and Ronaldo Partnership

On the note of Burak's friendship with Ronaldo, the duo had a business venture together in March 2022. Burak announced the business ventire at a digital entrepreneurship event held by the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, stating, "In partnership with Cristiano Ronaldo, we will be launching a venue in London. We can't reveal too much right now, as we want to save a beautiful surprise for the grand opening."

Not much else was reported on the venture, but it's not the first time the online chef was seen with high-profile players.

Just like his fellow Turkish celebrity chef, Salt Bae, Özdemir is a big fan of high-profile footballers. He posed for photos with some of the most iconic players of our time, including Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, the former Barcelona forward who recently moved to Paris Saint Germain.

Additionally, he has shared pictures on social media featuring Brazilian superstar Ronaldinho, Real Madrid's Marcelo, Inter Milan midfielder Arturo Vidal, former Manchester United defender Patrice Evra, and Atletico Madrid's Marcos Llorente.

When CZN Burak Met His Idol

While the Turkish chef met plenty of football stars, there is a still players that Burak dreamed of meeting. During a match of the FIFA World Cup 2022, Burak met football legend David Beckham.

Burak took to Instagram and shared photographs of him with David Beckham at Al Bayt Stadium in Al Khor, Qatar. In one post, he wrote in Turkish and English, “Dreams do come true, and I met my idol, David Beckham.”

In addition to meeting David Beckham, Burak had the opportunity to cross paths with FIFA President Gianni Infantino, Dutch footballer Clarence Seedorf, and several other notable players at Lusail Stadium.

These are just some of the significant moments the Turkish had with several football players during his career.


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