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Tributes Pour In for John Motson's Passing

Tributes Pour In for John Motson's Passing JW7Today
Tributes Pour In for John Motson's Passing

Legendary commentator John Motson passed at 77 years old, and several hearts broke in the football community. Following the announcement, several people made various tributes in honor of the man and his impact on football games over the years.

John Motson History

John Motson, popularly known as “Motty," is one of the most recognized voices in football. During his 50-year tenure with the BBC, Motson covered several impressive events, including 10 World Cups, 10 European Championships, and 29 FA Cup finals.

Motson began his career in 1971 with the BBC program Match of the day and commentated on almost 2,500 televised games. He famously said: "This is getting better and better and better" as England won 5-1 in Germany back in the early 2000s.

Motson’s final game for Match of the Day was between Crystal Palace and West Brom in 2018. When he left the organization in 2018, he took up a role at talkSPORT.

During his career, achieved different awards including the Special Award by BAFTA, back at the Royal Albert Hall, in recognition of his distinguished career in broadcasting.

Upon receiving it, Motson swiftly dedicated to all at the BBC sports department who had helped him along the way. By the end of his career, Motson became loved for his genius turn of phrase and ability to capture the big moments using only a few words.

In a statement released by Motson's family on Thursday, it read, “It is with great sadness we announce that John Motson OBE died peacefully in his sleep today."

Tributes to Motson

When the broadcaster's passing was announcement, several tributes poured in from different people. Gary Lineker, Motson's colleague at BBC, and Jamie Carragher, a former Liverpool defender, were among those who offered their tributes to the iconic broadcaster.

Carragher's post was a short message for Motson to rest in peace. Linerkar, on the other hand, wrote: “Deeply saddened to hear that John Motson has died. A quite brilliant commentator and the voice of football in this country for generations. He’ll be very much missed. RIP Motty.”

In addition to several broadcasters who commended Motson's work over the years, there were several officials and prominent figures that had something positive to say about the man.

BBC director-general Tim Davie stated how Motson was the voice of a footballing generation and how he will be remembered as a great. Commentator Clive Tyldesley, who worked alongside Motson at the BBC in the 1990s, lamented the loss of a dear friend and how he would never been forgotten.

Football Association president Prince William also paid tribute to the broadcaster. "Very sad to hear about the passing of John Motson - a legend whose voice was football," he said. "My thoughts are with his family and friends."

Aside from fellow broadcasters and officials, there were several tributes made by football clubs and players. Some of these football clubs include Arsenal and Manchester United.

Until now, there are several tributes still pouring in for John Motson. In addition to several social media posts, there are several videos highlighting his career.


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