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Top Margot Robbie Barbie Premiere Outfits

Top Margot Robbie Barbie Premiere Outfits

Margot Robbie embarked on a global journey to promote her highly anticipated film centred around Mattel's iconic doll, Babie. She has been channelling the spirit of the petite plastic figure through her predominantly pink wardrobe choices.

With her undeniable resemblance to the doll, the Australian actress has taken the Barbie-core trend to the next level. Alongside her stylist, Andrew Mukamal, Robbie has collaborated with designers to create custom outfits that pay homage to the beloved figurine and its most memorable fashion choices as she attends the ‘Barbie’ Premieres worldwide.

1. Enchanted Evening Barbie (1960)

Elevating the Barbie-inspired fashion game, Margot Robbie graced the pink carpet at the "Barbie" movie premiere in London. She paid homage to the iconic doll herself by channelling the spirit of the Barbie Enchanted Evening 1960 Fashion Doll, creating a stunning tribute to its timeless charm.

The 33-year-old actress charmed the crowd with an enchanting aura in a custom-made pastel pink gown by Vivienne Westwood. The gown featured a rosette positioned elegantly at her hip, which extended into a graceful flowing train. The ensemble's focal point was a striking off-the-shoulder ruffled collar that exuded a sense of grandeur, perfectly complemented by the addition of opera-length white gloves.

The attention to detail in the gown was evident in her choice of accessories. She donned clear heels that mirrored Barbie's signature style and added a touch of modernity. To complete the look, she adorned herself with a triple-strand pearl choker, adding an air of sophistication to the ensemble.

The London premiere also saw the presence of co-stars like Ryan Gosling, Dua Lipa, America Ferrera, Hari Nef, Sam Smith, and Simu Liu, all adorned in outfits that resonated with the vibrant spirit of the movie. Pink, reminiscent of Barbie's iconic hue, dominated their attires, adding to the visual spectacle.

2. Solo in the Spotlight Barbie (1960)

Robbie and Mukamal orchestrated a show-stopping moment by drawing inspiration from the 1960s Solo in the Spotlight Barbie for the grand LA premiere. Margot Robbie, the talented actress, made a dazzling entrance on the pink carpet, donning a sequined Schiaparelli Haute Couture bustier dress. The dress was adorned with numerous layers of tulle, elegantly complemented by a hand-painted embroidered rose and accompanied by a delicate pale pink scarf.

She opted for Manolo Blahnik mules and an astounding display of roughly 380 carats of Lorraine Schwartz diamonds to add the finishing touches. Ryan Gosling complemented her attire with a pastel-pink Gucci suit.

3. Day-to-Night Barbie (1985)

Embracing the spirit of 1985’s Day-to-Night Barbie, Robbie transformed into her character's persona at the Seoul premiere on July 2. Initially gracing the red carpet in a vibrant pink Atelier Versace skirt suit, she flawlessly accessorized the ensemble with a Judith Leiber Couture clutch that mimicked the shape of a cell phone.

Drawing inspiration from the iconic 1985 Day-to-Night Barbie, the Australian actress made not one but two fashion statements directly influenced by the beloved doll. Her appearance began with a nod to the doll's bold office attire as she stepped onto the carpet wearing a vivid hot pink skirt suit complemented by a tie-neck top. Every detail, from her cap-toed pointy, pumps to the white ribbon-wrapped hat, was thoughtfully coordinated to mirror the doll’s signature style. Notably, she carried a crystal-covered Judith Leiber Couture clutch shaped like a vintage cell phone, adding a touch of whimsy and nostalgia to her look.

Later in the event, Robbie showcased her "night" look—a striking tulle-skirted cocktail dress featuring an embellished bustier-style bodice in the same vibrant pink hue.

Working closely with stylist Andrew Mukamal, Robbie collaborated with Versace to bring the Day-to-Night doll's iconic duo of looks to life. While these custom outfits remain exclusive to the actress, people can still discover the original Day-to-Night Barbie on platforms.

Memories and admiration poured in from fellow celebrities, with Olivia Munn recalling how the dress on the right was her cherished dream as a young girl and star stylist Karla Welch mentioning that the Day-to-Night Barbie held a special place in her heart.

4. The Original Barbie (1959)

During a promotional event on June 29th, held at Bondi, Margot Robbie embodied the appearance of a living doll with her custom-made Hervé Léger bodycon dress. In her efforts to promote the highly anticipated "Barbie" movie in Australia, Robbie paid homage to the iconic 1959 outfit that the inaugural Barbie originally sported, a look that she also adopts in the upcoming 2023 film.

Robbie adorned herself in a striped Hervé Léger bodycon dress mirrored Barbie's timeless strapless black-and-white swimsuit. The actress' ensemble was meticulously coordinated with her white cat-eye sunglasses from Jacques Marie Mage, hoop earrings crafted by Spinelli Kilcollin, and her glossy red lipstick harmonizing beautifully with the original toy's appearance. Margot Robbie was fully committed to the look, even the footwear. She wore black peep-toe Manolo Blahnik mules that perfectly emulated Barbie and her hairstyle mirrored the original Barbie's high, buoyant ponytail.

5. Pink & Fabulous Barbie (2015)

During a Los Angeles photocall on June 25th, Robbie emulated the Pink & Fabulous Barbie in a pink polka dots ensemble. Her attire was a Valentino minidress, which echoed Barbie's distinctive spotted style in 2015. Stylist Andrew Mukamel confirmed this insight via Instagram. She paired it with a vibrant yellow quilted bag and a beaded bracelet to further emphasize the connection.

There was no pre-event coordination of outfits among her co-stars, and she didn’t compare outfits with her co-stars ahead of the event. Portraying Ken Doll, Ryan Gosling sported a cream-coloured button-up shirt layered over a white T-shirt and black pants. Director Greta Gerwig's appearance featured a beige Prada sweater and a matching pleated skirt.

Later, she graced a celebratory "Barbie" party alongside her fellow cast members, where she adorned herself in a vintage Versace shimmering pink cocktail dress, elegantly paired with clear kitten-heel sandals adorned with crystal trim. This evening ensemble hailed from Versace's fall 1994 couture collection.

6. Sparkling Pink Barbie

During the Seoul, South Korea, Margot Robbie showcased a bespoke bedazzled cropped jacket, an asymmetrical bra top, and a custom Moschino skirt suit adorned with an array of crystal embellishments, embracing a whimsical interpretation of 1960s suiting.

This outfit drew inspiration from the Sparkling Pink Barbie of 1964; her coordinated pillbox hat paid homage to the doll's original attire, paired with a heart-shaped purse. Her outfit was completed with a pair of open-toe mules from Manolo Blahnik, while jewellery from Tiffany & Co. highlighted her attire.

At the Mexico City photo call, she sported a pink Pucci minidress while arranging her blonde hair into graceful waves, reflecting the spirit of the "Totally Hair" Barbie. It was a doll renowned for its ankle-length crimped hair that mirrored the bold and voluminous hairstyles of the 1990s. Robbie's appearance invoked a nostalgic sentiment. The doll's release showcased a spectrum of lengthy hairstyles in diverse textures, encompassing both blonde and brunette variants of Barbie.

According to company records, the original "Totally Hair" Barbie, unveiled in 1992, achieved success, amassing over 10 million doll sales worldwide. The creation's distinctive style was crafted by Carol Spencer, who shared her insights on the doll's conception through a discussion with Mattel Community Creations in 2017. Guinness World Records officially recognizes it as Mattel's highest-selling Barbie doll.

Harmonizing with her vibrant hair, the attire of "Totally Hair" Barbie exuded a comparable boldness. The doll was clad in a multi-coloured minidress that drew inspiration from Emilio Pucci's vibrant aesthetics. Encouraging imaginative hairstyling, the doll's packaging included a comb and styling gel, inspiring the creation of spiked, voluminous, and adaptable hairstyles.

In 2022, in commemoration of the doll's 30th anniversary, Mattel introduced a renewed version of "Totally Hair" Barbie. This updated rendition featured an array of hair textures, transformative colour-changing clips, and 14 other hair accessories.


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