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  • Shamser Khalid

Three Bangladeshi Films at World Film Festival Kolkata

Three Bangladeshi Films at World Film Festival Kolkata

The much-awaited second edition of the World Film Festival is set to occur in Kolkata and according to the press release, three Bangladeshi films have been chosen to participate in the film festival from September 22 to 27.

Presented by the Federation of Film Societies of India (Eastern Region), this film festival guarantees a vibrant showcase of movies from around the world, with a particular focus on the artistic achievements of Bangladesh. Importantly, three exceptional Bangladeshi films have received nominations for this year's occasion –"Saatao" by Khandakar Suman, "Patal Ghar" directed by Noor Imran Mithu, and "Nona Pani" by Syeda Neegar Banu.

Premandra Majumder, the vice chairman of the Federation of Film Societies of India, pointed out the rising significance of Bangladesh in the global film sector. He highlighted the growing involvement of Bangladeshi films in esteemed international film festivals.

Khandkar Suman, the director of "Saatao," emphasized the importance of the World Film Festival Kolkata and how it highlights the increasing significance of Bangladeshi cinema on a worldwide platform.

"Saatao" is also scheduled to be presented in the "Russia-The Islamic World" category at the event taking place in Kazan, the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan, Russia, from September 5 to 9. The festival is being organized in collaboration with Rustam Minnikhanov, the President of Tatarstan, and the Russian Ministry of Culture.

Expressing his joy, Director Khandaker Suman shared, "I am very happy that my first film has been nominated in such a prestigious festival. I want to add one more to such happy news. The film “Saatao” is coming to the OTT platform very soon.”

Additionally, the movie secured the prestigious award for Best Film in the Bangladesh Panorama segment during the 21st Dhaka International Film Festival. "Saatao" had its premiere in January. The film boasts a skilled ensemble cast, which includes Ainun Putul, Fazlul Haque, Md Salauddin, Sabera Yasmin, Rubal Lodi, Kamruzzaman Rabbi, and others.

"Saatao" takes its inspiration from the experiences of marginalized communities. Aynun Putul and Fazlul Haque play significant roles in the film. Prior to this, "Saatao" received the Gautam Buddha Award in the World Panorama segment at the 6th Nepal International Film Festival (NIFF).

"Patal Ghar" has made a notable impact on the international scene as well. Featuring Nusraat Faria, Afsana Mimi, Mamunur Rashid, Nasir Uddin Khan, Rawnak Hasan, and Orsha in its cast, the film has garnered global recognition. It was screened at the 53rd Goa International Film Festival and participated in the Asian category of the Bangalore International Film Festival.

At the same time, "Nona Pani" centers around the narratives of marginalized individuals in Khulna who faced significant impacts from worldwide climate change. The film's plot centers on a village profoundly impacted by high salinity levels. The inhabitants, who were previously engaged in farming, have been distanced from their traditional livelihood as the land's excessive salinity prevents cultivation. Their sole avenue for sustenance lies in gathering shrimp pollen from the river. Set in the present day, the film immerses itself in the ordinary experiences of its characters. Directed by Syeda Nigar Banu, the movie has a promising and skilled ensemble cast, which includes Nasir Uddin Khan, Joyita, Bilquis Banu, Rubel, and others.


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