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  • Nasima Akter

"The Rock" Johnson, Margot Robbie In Upcoming Sci-Fi Film

"The Rock" Johnson, Margot Robbie In Upcoming Sci-Fi Film

While it may seem unlikely for them to share the screen in a big movie, the actors from "Black Adam" and "Harley Quinn," namely Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Margot Robbie, are gearing up to collaborate on a distinct cinematic project. Sources confirm that both actors have committed to the sci-fi adventure film "Starlight," produced by 20th Century Studios. The film is currently in discussions with renowned filmmaker Ridley Scott to take the helm.

As per the film's premise, Dwayne Johnson will portray Captain Alex Vega, leading a bold interstellar crew on a daring quest to explore the uncharted corners of the universe. Along their journey, they will encounter both marvels and perils that stretch the limits of imagination. Margot Robbie, temporarily stepping away from her more heroic role as Barbie, will take on the character of Isabella, the film's antagonist.

"Starlight" is poised to bring forth several novel experiences for both Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Margot Robbie. While both actors have dabbled in the circles of science fiction previously, this venture represents distinct milestones for each.

Margot Robbie, recognized for her roles in DC movies, has already made her mark in the science fiction domain. Likewise, Dwayne Johnson has ventured into sci-fi territory through a diverse range of films, including adaptations of video games like "Doom" and "Rampage," as well as his involvement in "Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw," wherein Idris Elba took on the role of a technologically enhanced antagonist.

However, "Starlight" marks a departure for both actors as they step into uncharted territory by taking on lead roles in a spacefaring adventure of this nature. This cinematic escapade promises to be a fresh and exciting experience, adding new dimensions to their already impressive careers.

Dwayne Johnson, known for his wrestling career, took an early step into acting with a role in a space-themed series. He appeared as a guest on the sixth season of "Star Trek: Voyager," in an episode called "Tsunkatse." In this show, he played the part of an alien fighter who battled and won against Jeri Ryan's character.

The upcoming movie "Starlight" marks the first time Dwayne Johnson and Margot Robbie are working together on screen. There were rumors about their DC characters appearing together in a big cinematic crossover, but those possibilities have faded due to the disappointing performance of "Black Adam" last year and the subsequent reboot of the DC cinematic universe.

Although Dwayne Johnson could potentially return as Teth Adam in the future, challenges stemming from the financial letdown of "Black Adam" and controversies involving The Rock, Henry Cavill, and DC Studios have raised doubts about his return to the movie scene.

The latest and most unexpected scoop from the insiders reveals a fascinating possibility for "Starlight." There's a chance that the accomplished Oscar-nominated director Ridley Scott could take the helm, guiding none other than The Rock himself. Scott, known for his iconic works like Blade Runner, the Alien film series, The Martian, and Raised by Wolves, has a solid reputation in the realm of science fiction. However, his sci-fi creations typically delve into darker and more thought-provoking territories, a far cry from what we usually associate with Dwayne Johnson.


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