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  • Nasima Akter

Tanzim Sakib Under Fire for Misogynistic Remarks

Tanzim Sakib Under Fire for Misogynistic Remarks

A Bangladeshi cricketer found himself in controversy on Monday due to misogynistic social media posts that criticized women who work, all of this occurring shortly after his impressive international debut.

Bowler Tanzim Hasan Sakib made an impactful start to his international cricket career, taking the wicket of India's captain, Rohit Sharma, with just his fourth delivery when the two teams faced off in the Asia Cup on Friday. He then displayed composure in the final over to help Bangladesh secure the victory.

The 20-year-old cricketer received significant praise initially, but his reputation took a hit when women's rights activists and feminists criticized him for misogynistic social media posts that were brought to light.

In one of his controversial posts, Sakib wrote, “If the wife works, the husband’s rights are not ensured. If the wife works, the child’s rights are not ensured. If the wife works, her elegance is damaged. If the wife works, the family is ruined. If the wife works, the veil is ruined. If the wife works, society is ruined.”

Women make up the vast majority of the workforce in Bangladesh's garment factories, which have played a crucial role in driving the country's economic growth in recent years. However, it's important to note that conservative patriarchal attitudes continue to prevail in this predominantly Muslim nation.

In another post, Tanzim warned men that if they married "a woman who is accustomed to free mixing with her male friends in a university," their sons would not have a "modest" mother.

The comments sparked a strong backlash, and Paris-based feminist writer Jannatun Nayeem Prity highlighted the irony that the Bangladesh team's jerseys were produced in factories primarily staffed by women.

“I feel sorry for you that you don’t consider your mother a normal human being,” she added.

Writer Swakrito Noman described the comments as "deeply offensive" in a widely-shared Facebook post. He called on the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) to scrutinize Tanzim and urged the player to issue an apology.

Journalist Mejbaul Haque expressed his strong disapproval on Monday, stating, “The status of such a distorted form of misogyny is unacceptable. No matter how big a star he is!”

In light of the controversy, the Bangladesh Cricket Board has taken action by launching an investigation into the issue. Jalal Yunus, the chief of cricket operations for the board, confirmed, "The issue came to our attention, and we are looking into the matter."

Tanzim has participated in 12 first-class matches during his relatively short senior career, following his contribution to Bangladesh's victory in the Under-19 World Cup in 2020.

Despite the social media controversy surrounding Sakib's behavior off the field, his on-field performance continues to be impressive. In the final Super 4 clash of the Asia Cup 2023, he played a significant role by taking 2 wickets for 32 runs, helping Bangladesh secure a 6-run victory over India.

However, it's worth noting that India went on to claim their 8th title, emerging victorious with a dominant 10-wicket win over Sri Lanka in the final, which took place in Colombo on Sunday.


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