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Swifties Share Friendship Bracelets for Eras Tour

Swifties Share Friendship Bracelets for Eras Tour

Originating as a seemingly ordinary trend in the Taylor Swift fandom, the evolution of the trend has become a key experience in the Eras Tour experience. Stemming from a lyrical snippet in one of Swift's "Midnights" tracks, specifically "You're on Your Own, Kid," these concert-goers-turned-crafters across the nation have embarked on an artistic endeavor, creating themed bracelets with the intent to trade and distribute among fellow fans at each stop of the Eras Tour.

The hours leading up to the Eras Tour events have witnessed countless admirers devoting their time to the meticulous assembly of bracelets infused with Swiftian inspiration. An attendee in Chicago took this practice to the next level when they arrived with a gallon-sized Ziploc bag filled with these bracelets, ready to distribute to her fellow swifties.

Swifties use lines and lyrics as parts of their friendship bracelets. While some chords chose the route of simplicity, displaying phrases like "Red," "Eras Tour," or "evermore," others have become more inventive, using references like "Starbucks Lovers," the iconic "It's Me, Hi," and the ubiquitous exclamation against the infamous "F–k Ticketmaster."

For attendees who look to avoid lengthy merchandise queues, the bracelets are budget-friendly and gratifying moments from one of the year's most memorable tours, even of all all-time.

“By the time I got to the merchandise, there was nothing left in my size but it’s almost nicer that I get to take home an arm full of handmade bracelets from the friends I’ve made tonight.” - Eras Tour attendee

The circle of recipients expands beyond fans; they have involved security personnel, cashiers, bartenders, and the broader venue staff, who have transformed into collectors of these handcrafter tokens. The sight of security guards adorned with these creations up to their elbows has become familiar, a testament to the camaraderie shared between dedicated fans and diligent staff members.

"It's a nice way for us all to be connected. It's great to see the staff get into it and for everyone to have a good time bonding over their love for Taylor Swift."

These bracelets establish a tangible connection among those who have partaken in this shared journey. A notable example includes references to viral moments from the Eras Tour, like Taylor's passionate confrontation with security personnel mistreating a fan during one of the shows.

However, some Swifties have ingeniously managed to bridge the gap between celebrities and fans, involving public figures in this trend.

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