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  • Shamser Khalid

Sri Lanka Bounce Back To Stay In Contention

Following Sri Lanka’s shocking loss against Namibia, the team bounced back hitting form with a 152/8 win over UAE. Winning by 79 runs, the Sri Lanka team displayed their strength with an exhibition of fast bowling, swinging and seaming. While the team snatched a win by a considerable amount, both teams had their memorable moments throughout the match.

A standout moment of the game was the hat trick by UAE’s leg-spinner Karthik Meiyappan. Not only was it the first hat-trick of the tournament, but Meiyappan also became the first player to claim a hat-trick for UAE in T20Is.

Another stand out of the game was UAE’s Basil Hameed who scored half of the team’s total runs. It was vital that Sri Lanka won this match. They can now look forward to their next game with a win securing them a place in the Super 12.


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