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  • Shamser Khalid

Spain Coach Luis Enrique Shares Honest Opinion on Players Having Sex Before Games

On Spain Coach Luis Enrique’s latest Twitch stream, he shared his opinion on athletes and intercourse. At one point of the stream, he discussed the scenario of players having sex before a match. He stated, “I don’t mind players having sex the night before matches but I draw the line at orgies.”

He considered players having sex before matches normal and expressed zero worries as a club coach when the players are home the night before a game. He even shared his own experience when he was a player and how he and his wife “did what they had to do” when he was home.

When questioned on whether players should be told not to have sex before games, he responded that it was a ridiculous idea.

In previous reports, it was revealed that star player Ferran Torres is dating the coach’s daughter, Sira Martinez. Coach Enrique once joked that Sira would 'chop his head off' if he failed to start him (Torres) in a game.


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