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  • Nasima Akter

Shweta Sharda Is The Newly Crowned Miss Diva Universe 2023

Shweta Sharda Is The Newly Crowned Miss Diva Universe 2023

In a grand and splendid spectacle held in the heart of Mumbai, Shweta Sharda emerged victorious, seizing the crown of Miss Diva Universe 2023 last Sunday. As the 72nd Miss Universe pageant descends upon El Salvador this November, Shweta Sharda will be India's beacon of beauty and grace, vying for the ultimate title.

The journey of Miss Diva Universe 2023 commenced with a dazzling array of 160 extraordinary young women, each possessing their unique radiance. From this constellation of talent, a select few, a mere handful, emerged as the triumphant Top 16. Amongst these stellar contenders, Shweta Sharda shone as a beacon of strength and determination, proving herself to be one of the most formidable competitors in the entire show.

The pivotal moment of her coronation was accentuated by a spellbinding ensemble crafted meticulously by the visionary designer Nikita Mhaisalkar. Drenched in the resplendence of gold and aubergine, the gown's captivating sequin embellishments gracefully harmonized with its cape sleeves, a tantalizing thigh-high slit, and a silhouette that highlighted her figure in the most enchanting manner. The atmosphere was electric as the reigning Miss Diva Universe 2022, the illustrious Divita Rai, gracefully transferred the crown and its accompanying legacy to the worthy hands of Shweta Sharda.

In a chorus of triumph, Delhi's very own Sonal Kukreja emerged as the radiant Miss Diva Supranational 2023, an achievement that reverberated through the hearts of many. Meanwhile, the esteemed title of runner-up for Miss Diva Universe 2023 was claimed by the radiant Trisha Shetty from the state of Karnataka.

Shweta’s Journey

Shweta Sharda's awe-inspiring journey unfurls as a testament to tenacity and perseverance, an inspiring narrative that captures hearts. Originating from the vibrant city of Chandigarh, she carries with her the indomitable spirit of a single mother's legacy. Embarking on her dreams at a tender age of 16, Mumbai became her canvas of aspirations. Her radiant talents have graced prominent television shows including the likes of DID, Dance Deewane, and Dance+, showcasing not only her exceptional abilities but also her determination to shine. Notably, the world witnessed her choreographic finesse on the illustrious platform of Jhalak Dikhlaja.

Her resolute mission within the pageant was as inspiring as her presence on the stage, encapsulated in her powerful words, "Every girl deserves a quality education and self-confidence to safeguard herself. Let’s empower girls for a safer and more equitable world." This rallying cry for empowerment resonated with hearts far and wide, encapsulating the essence of her journey.

Reflection on Her Achievements

Reflecting on her extraordinary achievements and how it impacted her journey, Shweta humbly shared, "When I got a chance to work and teach my dancing to India’s most loveable actors I have seen on television or the big screen, like Deepika Padukone, Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, Mouni Roy and Vaibhavi Merchant, the evergreen diva Madhuri Dixit!" This profound interaction with luminaries of the entertainment industry underscores her dedication and the impact she has already made on a grand stage.

Shweta's triumph stands as an embodiment of unwavering commitment and relentless pursuit of dreams, a true testament to the splendour of grace and talent that resonates within the realm of pageantry. With the crown upon her head and dreams within her heart, she embarks on a journey that will illuminate not only her own path but also the aspirations of a nation that watches with bated breath.


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