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Shikhar Dhawan Went Viral With "Naa Ready" Dance

Shikhar Dhawan Went Viral With "Naa Ready" Dance

Shikhar Dhawan wowed the internet with his amazing dance moves to the catchy song "Naa Ready" from the upcoming movie 'Leo', featuring Thalapathy Vijay. This song has become a massive hit on social media, with many people sharing videos of themselves dancing to its foot-tapping beats.

Joining the viral trend, Indian cricket team star Shikhar Dhawan showcased his dance prowess in a video shared by Sony Music South on Twitter. In the video, he flawlessly followed the original choreography of the song, earning widespread praise from social media users.

During an interview, Dhawan opened up about his personal life and experiences. He candidly admitted that he faced challenges in his marriage but refrained from blaming others for its failure, taking responsibility for his own decisions.

"I failed because the final decision is the person's own. I don't point fingers at others. I failed because I was not aware of that field. The things I talk about cricket today, I wouldn't have been aware of the same 20 years back. It comes with experience."

Dhawan expressed that he believes the final decision in any relationship lies with the individual. He acknowledged that he might not have been fully aware of the complexities of marriage when he first got into it. Drawing a parallel with his cricketing journey, he explained how experience and maturity have brought a deeper understanding of the game. Similarly, he believes that he has grown wiser through life experiences, which will guide him better in the future.

The cricketing sensation also shared that his divorce case is still ongoing and yet to be settled. While he didn't rule out the possibility of remarriage, he clarified that he is not actively considering it at the moment. Dhawan revealed that he has learned from his past mistakes and, if he decides to get married again in the future, he will be more discerning about choosing a partner.

He emphasized that he now understands the importance of finding the right person with whom he can spend his life happily. Reflecting on his younger days, he confessed that during his prime cricketing years, he did not engage in any serious relationships. Although he had fun, he didn't fully comprehend the complexities and potential pitfalls of love.

Now, with the wisdom of experience, Dhawan believes that he can recognize any "red flags" in a relationship and make better decisions. If he notices warning signs, he asserts that he will not hesitate to walk away from a relationship. On the other hand, if the signs are absent, he will pursue the relationship with confidence and optimism.

"So, when I fell in love, I couldn't see the red flags. But today, if I fall in love, I will be able to see those red flags. So, if I see those red flags, I will walk out. If not, I will carry on," he added.

Shikhar Dhawan's honesty and self-awareness have garnered appreciation from his fans and followers. Many have applauded his ability to handle both success and setbacks with grace, both on the cricket field and in his personal life. As he continues to entertain cricket enthusiasts with his exceptional batting skills, he also serves as an inspiration to many for his candid approach to life's challenges.


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