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Shikhar Dhawan Shares Hiking Video Before Match

Shikhar Dhawan Shares Hiking Video Before Match JW7Today
Shikhar Dhawan Shares Hiking Video Before Match

In a bid to relax and rejuvenate ahead of their crucial matches, the Punjab Kings (PBKS) captain Shikhar Dhawan and his teammates took some time off to explore the breathtaking landscapes of Dharamshala. The picturesque location provided a serene backdrop for the players to unwind and find solace amidst the mountains.

Dhawan, known for his engaging presence on social media, delighted his fans by sharing a captivating reel on his official Instagram handle. The reel showcased the team's visit to Dharamshala and Dhawan's excitement was palpable as he greeted his followers with a cheerful, "Hello, Dharamshala 👋.

Dhawan's Words on Dharamshala

In addition to the social media post, the captain couldn't contain his excitement as he praised the venue and its natural beauty. Speaking about the HPCA Stadium, Dhawan remarked, "We are very excited as a team to play here. Dharamsala is one of the most beautiful grounds in the world."

Having previously played at this awe-inspiring location, he expressed his fondness for playing in the mountains and expressed his gratitude for having two matches scheduled at this captivating venue. Dhawan believes that both the team and the fans are in for a memorable time.

The return of IPL cricket to Dharamsala has sparked enthusiasm among fans, and Dhawan recognizes the excitement surrounding this momentous occasion. "The IPL is returning to Dharamsala after a long time. Fans are excited, and it will be fun for everyone," he enthused.

Punjab Kings' Status

The Punjab Kings find themselves in a challenging position in the IPL 2023, currently occupying the eighth spot in the points table with 12 points from 12 games. The Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR), Rajasthan Royals (RR), and Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) also share the same number of points, but PBKS lags behind due to their inferior net run rate.

To keep their hopes alive for the playoffs, the Punjab Kings need to secure victories in their last two games. The upcoming matches will be crucial, and the team will have to showcase their best performance to outshine their rivals and secure a spot in the next stage of the tournament.

Amidst their quest for success, the Punjab Kings have faced criticism for their weak death-over bowling in IPL 2023. Murali Kartik, the former Indian spinner, shed light on the team's vulnerabilities during a recent conversation with Cricbuzz. Kartik highlighted the struggles of key players like Sam Curran, Kagiso Rabada, and Arshdeep Singh, who have failed to deliver in the high-pressure moments of the game.

Statements from Kartik

"Their death bowling is a cause for concern," expressed Kartik, pinpointing a significant area of improvement for PBKS. He further elaborated, stating that Sam Curran has had a challenging time finding his rhythm, and Kagiso Rabada has proven to be expensive. Moreover, the expectations from Arshdeep Singh, a promising young talent, have not been met due to his inconsistent form.

Kartik emphasized the importance of star players stepping up when it matters the most, especially at this crucial juncture of the tournament. In his opinion, the Punjab Kings need their top performers to deliver exceptional performances, ensuring that their bowling attack remains solid in the face of adversity.

As the Punjab Kings gear up for their final two home games in Dharamshala, they will be seeking redemption, aiming to rectify their weaknesses and emerge victorious. The team's journey in the IPL 2023 has reached a critical stage, and the players, including the influential Shikhar Dhawan, will need to rise to the occasion and lead their team to glory.


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