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Shahid Afridi’s Funny Moments With Son-In-Law Shaheen

Shahid Afridi’s Funny Moments With Son-In-Law Shaheen JW7Today
Shahid Afridi’s Funny Moments With Son-In-Law Shaheen

Shahid Afridi is known for his jovial personality, and his recent comment to son-in-law Shaheen Afridi was no exception. During an interview on Samaa TV, Shahid hilariously urged Shaheen to not call him 'sasur', a term used to refer to one's father-in-law in some cultures.

Shahid backed up his request by pointing out that he had recently won a cricket trophy himself. The trophy in question was the Legends League Cricket trophy, which he won as the captain of the Asia Lions team. The team defeated the World Giants by 7 wickets in the final match of the tournament.

"Sasur, tumhare muh se main dubara na sunu (I don't want to hear this word from your mouth again)," Shahid told Shaheen during an interview on Samaa TV.

"So if he has won trophy (in PSL for Lahore Qalandars), I have also won the trophy in Qatar (Legends League Cricket)," Shahid added.

While Shahid's comment was made in good fun, it also highlights the close relationship between him and Shaheen. Shaheen married Shahid's daughter, Ansha, in February of this year, and the two families seem to have a strong bond.

Shaheen himself has had a successful cricketing career so far. He is one of Pakistan's top pacers and has been a key player for the Lahore Qalandars in the Pakistan Super League (PSL). In fact, he recently led the Qalandars to their second consecutive PSL title, becoming the first-ever captain to win back-to-back titles in the league's history.

The Qalandars' victory in the final was a thrilling one, with the team securing a last-ball win over the Multan Sultans. The tension was high in the final over, with the Qalandars needing 13 runs to win. But the team's young bowler, Zaman Khan, held his nerve and conceded just 11 runs to secure the win.

The Qalandars' players and fans erupted with joy as the final ball was bowled and Khushdil Shah of the Multan Sultans was run out. The team's victory was a historic achievement, and one that Shaheen will surely cherish as the first captain to lead his team to back-to-back PSL titles.

As for Shahid Afridi, he continues to be a beloved figure in Pakistan cricket, both for his on-field achievements and his off-field personality. His playful banter with Shaheen during the recent interview is just one example of why fans adore him.

And with Shaheen's continued success on the field, it seems likely that the two families will have many more reasons to celebrate together in the future.

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