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  • Nasima Akter

Shabana Azmi Falls Victim to Cybercrime, Reports it

Shabana Azmi Falls Victim to Cybercrime, Reports it

Despite celebrities' efforts to keep their private lives hidden, they can still fall prey to cybercrime, such as having their personal information exposed or being impersonated online. An example of this has recently come to light involving actress Shabana Azmi. Her team issued a notice warning that an imposter had been pretending to be her and sending deceptive messages, a tactic known as 'phishing,' to her friends and colleagues.

These messages urged recipients to make purchases on the App Store for a messaging app.

To address this issue, a notice was posted on Shabana Azmi's Twitter account.

"NOTICE... We have become aware that some of our colleagues and associates have received messages claiming to be from Ms. Shabana Azmi. These messages are clear 'phishing' attempts, trying to trick people into making purchases on the App Store for the messenger. Please do not respond to or engage with any calls or messages that appear to be from Shabanaji. This is a case of cybercrime involving impersonation, and we are taking legal action. The two numbers associated with these messages are currently +66987577041 and +998917811675. Thank you."

Returning to Shabana Azmi's recent professional endeavors, her collaboration with veteran actor Dharmendra in Karan Johar's film "Rocky Aur Rani Kii Prem Kahaani" has garnered considerable attention. In the movie, they portray characters who were once lovers and are now reuniting in their later years. Interestingly, their brief on-screen kiss also became a significant topic of discussion.

Regarding this, Dharmendra shared his thoughts.

"I did receive messages about the kissing scene. When I was informed about the scene, I thought, 'When the captain is strong, the team plays well. This is something I'm very comfortable with. Whenever I get an opportunity, I give it my all. And if there's a chance, why wouldn't I take it? I want to maintain a special place in the hearts of the audience."

It's important to recognize that despite their public personas, celebrities face challenges related to their privacy and personal information security. The incident involving Shabana Azmi highlights the need for vigilance and caution in the digital age, where cybercrimes like impersonation and phishing are prevalent.

Who is Shabana Azmi?

Shabana Azmi is a prominent Indian actress celebrated for her remarkable contributions to the world of cinema. Born on September 18, 1950, in New Delhi, India, she hails from a family of renowned artists, with her father being the esteemed poet Kaifi Azmi and her mother an actress.

Shabana Azmi's acting career spans both mainstream and parallel cinema, with her performances in films such as "Ankur," "Arth," "Mandi," and "Fire" earning her widespread acclaim. Her dedication to socially relevant roles and her commitment to advocating for important causes have not only earned her multiple National Film Awards but also established her as a respected figure in Indian society.

Beyond acting, Shabana Azmi is known for her involvement in theater and activism, championing women's rights, education, and humanitarian concerns. Her profound impact on Indian entertainment and her unwavering advocacy work have cemented her legacy as an influential and revered personality.


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