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Sandwich Incident Occurs At Real Madrid Game

Sandwich Incident Occurs at Real Madrid Game JWin7
Sandwich Incident Occurs at Real Madrid Game

Many incidents happen in different games. During the match between Real Madrid and Osasuna, a sandwich was spotted thrown onto the field.

What Happened?

The incident occurred midway through the second half. Reports say the game paused when a sandwich got tossed in the direction of Blancos star Rodrygo. Rodrygo picked up the thrown object and handed the sandwich to the match referee, Munuera Montero, who then gave it to an official on the sidelines.

In addition, it was promptly announced over the stadium’s PA system that objects should not be thrown onto the field of play.

According to a post-match report by the referee, “Throwing objects: In the 64th minute the game is stopped due to the throwing of a sandwich on the pitch, which does not impact any person. The game resumes after the corresponding public address notice.”

Results of the Incident

Because the sandwich had been thrown from the Osasuna fans' side, Osasuna could now face a fine from the Competition Committee for failing to control their fans. It's reported that the Competition Commission will meet to decide whether Osasuna should have any punishment for the incident.

So far, nothing is reported on who threw the sandwich and what happened to them. What is known is whether the fan will be banned or not is a club matter.

On the fans' side, it is speculated that the sandwich was thrown onto the pitch so that footballer Eden Hazard could run for it.

The Last Time Food Got Thrown on the Field

This incident is not the first time that a food item got thrown onto the field during a game. In a match between Arsenal and Atletico Madrid in 2018, a bread roll was thrown at German playmaker Mesut Ozil.

Because it was against Ozil's religion to waste food, the player had kissed the bread and touched it to his head as a way of expressing gratitude. He then carefully placed it on the ground.

What Happened at the Real Madrid and Osasuna Match?

While the sandwich incident caused a pause in the game, it did not stop Real Madrid from winning the game 2-0 courtesy of late goals from Fede Valverde and Marco Asensio. Following this win, Real Madrid is five points behind Barcelona in the La Liga title race.

After this game against Osasuna, Real Madrid's next match is against Liverpool for the UEFA Champions League. Currently, Real Madrid is second in the league's Group A standings with five wins out of six matches.

For their next La Liga match, Real Madrid is facing Atlético de Madrid on February 26. Osasuna, meanwhile, will play against Sevilla on February 27. Currently, Osasuna is 10th in the tournament standings with eight wins out of twenty-two matches.

The La Liga is the men's top professional football division of the Spanish football league system. The league is currently undergoing it's 92nd season. It commenced on August 12 2022, and will end on June 4, 2023. The defending champions for this year's tournament is Real Madrid.


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