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  • Shamser Khalid

Saifuddin to Undergo Treatment in Qatar, Confirms BCB

Saifuddin to Undergo Treatment in Qatar, Confirms BCB

The Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) has taken a proactive step to address the injury concerns of some of its players by sending them to Qatar to undergo a specialized treatment. The players in question are Mohammad Saifuddin, Avishek Das, and Ashiqur Zaman, who are all facing different injury issues.

Mohammad Saifuddin, a talented medium-pace bowling all-rounder, has been suffering from a chronic back injury that has kept him out of action for a while. Due to his injury, he was not included in the ongoing 32-member conditioning camp for the Asia Cup. Despite the recurring back pain, Saifuddin showed remarkable determination and played in recent domestic competitions, notably representing Abahani Limited in the Dhaka Premier League. His performances were commendable, taking 19 wickets in 12 matches and scoring 112 runs with the bat.

Avishek Das, a pace bowling all-rounder who played a crucial role in the U-19 World Cup-winning team in 2020, has been dealing with persistent back pain. His injury concerns have hindered him from participating in competitive cricket since his appearance in a DPL match after the 2020 World Cup final. He did, however, manage to play a few matches in the First Division Cricket League as a batter last year.

Ashiqur Zaman, another young pace bowler who represented Bangladesh in the last U-19 World Cup, is also grappling with various injuries. He last played professional cricket during the last BPL, where he represented the Comilla Victorians.

In an effort to provide the best possible medical care to these players, the BCB is sending them to 'Aspetar,' a well-known sports medicine hospital in Qatar. The hospital has gained widespread recognition for its successful treatment of numerous athletes, most notably the Brazilian football superstar Neymar. Neymar has sought treatment at Aspetar Hospital on multiple occasions, including for an ankle injury during the 2019 season and subsequent injuries sustained during the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

The decision to seek treatment at Aspetar was made on the recommendation of Dr. Pieter D'Hooghe, the Chief Medical Officer of the hospital, who has been involved in Neymar's treatment. The hospital boasts a team of world-class specialists, and Saifuddin and Avishek will be consulting spine specialists, while Ashiqur will be attending to a groin specialist.

The BCB's initiative to send these players for specialized treatment proves their commitment to the well-being of their players and the desire to get them back to peak physical condition as soon as possible. Such actions indicate the growing awareness and importance of sports medicine in modern sports, where players' health and fitness play a crucial role in their performance and endurance in the game.

While the road to recovery may be challenging, especially in the case of chronic injuries, the players can take inspiration from Neymar's successful recoveries at Aspetar Hospital. With proper treatment, rehabilitation, and dedication to their recovery programs, Saifuddin, Avishek, and Ashiqur can hope to make a strong comeback and continue representing their country with distinction.

The BCB's decision to send these players to Aspetar also highlights the importance of international cooperation and exchange of knowledge in sports medicine. Such collaborations can significantly benefit athletes worldwide and lead to advancements in injury treatment and prevention.


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