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  • Nasima Akter

Sachin Tendulkar Learns Kayaking and Uses Cricketing Analogy

Sachin Tendulkar Learns Kayaking and Uses Cricketing Analogy

Indian cricketing legend Sachin Tendulkar shared a new video on Instagram, and it showed the former player taking kayaking lessons in Thailand.

The footage showed Sachin learning kayaking techniques, it being his first time at this water activity. The cricket legend could be heard comparing kayaking to playing cricket in the video, using terms like ’reverse swing' and 'stick to the shiny side.’ The post was captioned, "Decided to paddle up instead of padding up for a change."

The Instagram post has since gone viral with many fans giving several positive feedback on the video. One fan even left a comment for the instructor, "Bro remember who you are teaching ….? You are teaching the God …."

This is not the first time that the cricket legend has shared his experiences on social media. Tendulkar is known to be quite open to learning new things and having some fun along the way. He is a fan-favorite when it comes to Instagram and has kept his fans updated about his life post-retirement including his cooking skills and love for animals.

For the past week, the 49-year-old has been sharing various glimpses of his Thailand vacation. In addition to his kayaking lesson, Sachin shared a photo of him having a meal by the beach.

Sourav Ganguly, who was also in Thailand, reacted to the photo and commented, "Sach... I just saw u at phulay bay .. r u there."

The last time Sachin made headlines for his social media post was when his romantic gesture for his wife went viral.

While Sachin is enjoying his retirement, his son Arjun has been making him proud on the field. Recently, the latter emulated his father when he scored a hundred on his first-class debut for Goa in the ongoing Ranji Trophy 2022-23 season. Sachin, on the other hand, smashed his hundred on his Ranji Trophy debut in 1988 for Mumbai against Gujarat.

In addition to his century score in the Ranji Trophy, Arjun stood out in his maiden first-class game against Rajasthan in Porvorim. During that match, he smashed 120 from 207.

Before making his first-class debut, Arjun was featured in seven List A games and nine T20 games.

Sachin has always shown pride in his son and had even expressed his feelings for Arjun’s impressive first-class debut at an event organized by Infosys.

"Arjun has not led a normal childhood; being a son of a cricketer who has been for quite some time, it is not so easy and that is the only reason when I retired and was facilitated by the media in Mumbai, my message to them was: allow Arjun to fall in love with cricket, give him that opportunity. You can follow up with various statements after he has performed. Don’t put pressure on him because I never had pressure from my parents,” Sachin said.

Before the Ranji Trophy, Sachin Tendulkar had reached out to Yograj Singh in hopes that the former cricketer would train his son. The reason for this was that Yograj has prior experience coaching youngsters including his own son, Yuvraj Singh.

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