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  • Shamser Khalid

Rohit's Toss Banter with Dhawan Goes Viral

Rohit's Toss Banter with Dhawan Goes Viral JW7Today
Rohit's Toss Banter with Dhawan Goes Viral

The 2023 edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) continued with a match between Mumbai Indians and Punjab Kings at the Punjab Cricket Association IS Bindra Stadium in Mohali on Wednesday. The toss was won by Mumbai Indians captain Rohit Sharma who decided to field first. The decision to field was influenced by the pitch conditions, as well as the team's strength of being able to chase down targets. This was a move that the captain hoped would lead to a victory for his team.

After the toss, there was a brief yet entertaining banter between the two captains. Rohit Sharma asked Shikhar Dhawan, the Punjab Kings skipper, what he should do after winning the toss. Dhawan jokingly replied that he should opt to bowl. This led to laughter from both teams and the commentators, who appreciated the humorous exchange between the two captains.

During the post-toss interview with former India women's team captain Anjum Chopra, Rohit Sharma explained his decision to field first. He said that he had asked Dhawan for advice on what to do after winning the toss. Dhawan suggested that they should bowl first since the pitch was in good condition. Rohit went ahead with this suggestion, adding that his team had chased down targets well in the past and that they were comfortable with the strategy.

It was a homecoming for Kohli, who hails from Delhi and has a special connection with the city. He was spotted at various places in the city, catching up with friends and family before the big match. Kohli has always been vocal about his love for Delhi and his fans, and this trip was a perfect opportunity for him to reconnect with his roots.

The match between RCB and Delhi Capitals turned out to be an exciting affair, with both teams giving their all to secure a victory. However, it was RCB who emerged victorious, thanks to an outstanding performance by their bowlers. The team defended a low total of 150 runs with great determination and grit, much to the delight of their captain.

In a video shared by RCB on social media, Kohli can be seen celebrating the win with his teammates. He is heard saying, "That's a sweet win boys, sweet win, let's go!", as he pumps his fist in the air. The video captures the passion and energy that Kohli brings to the game, both as a player and a captain.

Kohli's performance in the IPL 2023 season has been nothing short of outstanding. He has been leading from the front, both with the bat and in the field. His aggressive approach and never-say-die attitude have inspired his team to perform at their best. He has been a role model for young cricketers, showing them what it takes to succeed at the highest level.

Kohli's partnership with Anushka Sharma has also been a topic of discussion among fans and media. The two have been spotted together at various events and occasions, and their love story has captured the hearts of millions. They are seen as a power couple, who support and motivate each other in their respective careers.

In conclusion, Virat Kohli's trip to Delhi ahead of RCB's match against Delhi Capitals in IPL 2023 was a memorable one. He was able to spend some quality time with his wife, reconnect with his roots, and lead his team to a sweet victory. Kohli's passion for the game and his love for Delhi were on full display, and he continues to inspire millions of cricket fans around the world.


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