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  • Nasima Akter

Rohit Sharma Welcomed by Fans in California

Rohit Sharma Welcomed by Fans in California

India's cricket sensation, Rohit Sharma, recently received a heartwarming welcome from his avid fans during an event held in the United States. Known for his remarkable batting skills and captaincy, Rohit was met with an overwhelming crowd as he stepped out of his car to attend the event in the vibrant city of Milpitas, California. This charismatic player, who is currently taking a break from the ongoing T20I series against West Indies, was greeted with enthusiasm and admiration by his adoring fans.

The electric atmosphere was captured in a viral video that quickly spread across social media platforms. In the video, Rohit can be seen engaging with his fans, taking photographs, and graciously acknowledging their cheers. The scene was reminiscent of a hero's welcome, with fans eagerly seeking glimpses of their idol and seizing the opportunity to interact with him. The video, shared by Jeeven Santhosh, a resident of San Francisco, garnered a massive response, highlighting the fervor that Rohit Sharma commands, not only in India but also across borders.

Beyond the joyous reception, Rohit Sharma took the event as an occasion to drop a significant hint about his future plans in the world of cricket. In a moment of candidness, he discussed the upcoming 2024 T20 World Cup, which is scheduled to be held in the United States and West Indies. Speaking to the crowd in Milpitas, Rohit openly expressed his anticipation for the mega event that is set to take place in the coming year.

With a touch of excitement, he stated, "More than just going and enjoying, there is another reason to come here (in the USA). Because you know the World Cup is coming. In June, there will be the T20 World Cup (2024) happening in this part of the world. So, I'm pretty sure everyone is excited. So yaa, we look forward to that."

This revelation holds particular significance as Rohit Sharma has been absent from the T20 international matches lately. The role of captaincy in the shortest format of the game has been handed over to the talented all-rounder, Hardik Pandya, during Rohit's hiatus. Rohit's last appearance in a T20 match was during the Indian Premier League (IPL) earlier in the same year. The strategic decision to rest Rohit is part of a broader effort to manage player workloads, especially given the demanding schedule and back-to-back matches.

Addressing his absence from the T20I matches, Rohit Sharma clarified, "At the moment I think it was made clear in the past that it’s a 50-over World Cup year for us. And for some of the guys, it’s not possible to play all formats. If you look at the schedule, there were back-to-back matches, so we decided on just looking at some players’ workloads that we wanted to make sure that they get enough break time and manage them. I definitely fall in that (category) as well."

Presently, the Indian cricket team is locked in a thrilling battle against West Indies in a three-match T20I series. Unfortunately, the visitors are trailing by 1-0 after the first T20I. As cricket enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the outcome of the series, the spotlight remains on players like Rohit Sharma, whose influence on the game transcends boundaries.


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