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Rishabh Pant Spotted at Mumbai Airport!

Rishabh Pant Spotted at Mumbai Airport! JW7Today
Rishabh Pant Spotted at Mumbai Airport!

India's wicketkeeper-batsman, Rishabh Pant, is making a remarkable recovery after a horrific car crash last year in December. Pant, who suffered multiple injuries in the accident, was recently spotted at Mumbai airport. Despite still wearing a knee brace, Pant was able to walk unaided, showcasing his determination and positive attitude. However, his recovery process will prevent him from participating in the upcoming World Test Championship Final.

The player was spotted on Tuesday at Mumbai Airport surrounded by admirers and his entourage. The talented left-handed batter had a brace on his right knee but was able to move without the need for crutches.

Pant appeared to be in high spirits, engaging with the paparazzi and displaying a sense of ease. At just 24 years old, he has shown remarkable progress, with each passing day seeing a decrease in his limp. Nonetheless, the knee brace remains a necessary part of his recovery.

Pant's Status so Far

Following the accident, Pant immediately began his treatment, and now he is back on his feet. While he continues to undergo physiotherapy sessions, the 25-year-old has been seen playing table tennis at the National Cricket Academy (NCA), a positive sign of his recovery.

Over the past few weeks, Pant has dedicated himself to rehabilitation at the National Cricket Academy (NCA). His journey towards recovery began with gym training, taking small steps to regain his physical capabilities. Recent updates reveal that the Indian cricketer has had his ankle strapping removed, a positive indication of his progress.

Earlier this month, another video surfaced on social media showing Pant engaging in a friendly table tennis contest with his friends. Although he appeared cautious in his movements, the sheer joy on his face was evident.

Unfortunately, Pant's injuries have ruled him out of the upcoming World Test Championship (WTC) final and the ODI World Cup, both scheduled for later this year. His absence from these significant events suggests that he will likely be sidelined for the entirety of 2023, including the Asia Cup and the World Cup.

The young wicketkeeper-batsman had encountered the freak car accident while traveling from Delhi to Roorkee to surprise his mother. Unfortunately, his car collided with a divider, resulting in serious injuries.

The Effect of Pant's Absence

Pant's absence from the Delhi Capitals (DC) team in the IPL 2023 season has had a significant impact on their performance. In his place, Australian batsman David Warner took on the role of captain but struggled to lead the team to success.

DC managed only five wins out of 14 games, finishing in the 9th spot on the points table. They were the first team to be eliminated from the tournament this year, much to the disappointment of their fans.

While Pant's absence undoubtedly affected DC's campaign, fans remain hopeful for his return to the field. His remarkable recovery and determination have been an inspiration to many. As he continues to work on his rehabilitation, cricket enthusiasts eagerly await the day when Pant can once again showcase his exceptional skills and lead his team to victory.


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