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  • Nasima Akter

Riqui Puig: Rising Star's Barcelona Critique

Riqui Puig: Rising Star's Barcelona Critique

Former Barcelona sensation, Riqui Puig, has taken a bold step by publicly criticizing his former manager, Xavi Hernandez, for the unfair treatment leading up to his departure from the club.

Puig's decision to leave Barcelona last summer raised eyebrows, as many believed he would find more opportunities under Xavi's management than during his time with Ronald Koeman, but Puig claims he faced similar challenges. In an interview, Puig described his experience in Barcelona.

"It was abysmal, considering I had always been in Barcelona. The coach called me and said that I greatly suited him because of how the team played. In Barcelona, I wasn't very comfortable either on the pitch or off it, there were things on the outside [of the game] that I didn't like. It is true that it is another football, another league. There you are in the best league in the world, with the best and here it is different, but everything is going well. I am very satisfied with the decision I made,"

Despite Xavi's assurance that he was well-suited to the coach's playing style, Puig felt unsettled due to external factors affecting his overall experience.

While playing for Barcelona, he had grown accustomed to the highest level of football in the world, and he acknowledged the contrast in playing style when moving to Major League Soccer, emphasizing his satisfaction with the decision to embark on this new football journey.

Puig's situation at Barcelona had its share of challenges. The club witnessed managerial changes, player departures, and an overall lack of stability during that period, which could have contributed to Puig's discomfort and uncertainty about his future at the club.

Riqui's decision to join Major League Soccer attracted praise and criticism as some doubted his ambition, considering the move a step down from European football. However, Puig emphasized that his decision was carefully considered.

"For my football and my future, it is an idea you always have. I came here very young to train, to gain experience, it's brutal, but if an opportunity to go to Europe presents itself, I wouldn't say no."

Major League Soccer has become prominent, attracting top talents worldwide. Puig's move to LA Galaxy presented a unique opportunity to embrace new challenges in a different footballing culture, both on and off the pitch. Young players seeking valuable experiences to hone their skills and broaden their horizons have increasingly looked beyond Europe's traditional football powerhouses.

It's essential to respect players' autonomy in shaping their careers and recognizing that each individual's journey is unique. Puig's move to Major League Soccer marks a significant chapter in his footballing career, allowing him to gain valuable playing time and grow as a player and person.

Puig's departure from Barcelona also brought attention to the challenges young talents face in elite clubs like Barcelona, where competition for places is intense. Securing regular playing time and establishing oneself among seasoned professionals can be daunting for young players, even those as talented as Puig. Despite the controversies surrounding his move, Puig's time at Barcelona showcased his potential as a talented midfielder, representing the famed La Masia academy.

As he continues to evolve as a player, observers worldwide will keep a close eye on his progress in Major League Soccer, eager to witness his growth and potential return to European football.


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