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  • Shamser Khalid

Retired Star Sergio Aguero Joins Argentina's Training

In one of Argentina’s training sessions prior to the World Cup final, videos and photos caught retired star Sergio Aguero joining the team. It was his first involvement back in full kit for the national side since retiring.

This is not the first time Aguero has shown support for the team. Throughout the World Cup, he has appeared in video calls and on-pitch appearances after games. He even talked with Lionel Messi over a video call earlier in the tournament.

Several videos and photos were shared showing the players and Aguero training together. One video showed the former player scoring a thumping strike. It was clear that Aguero wasn’t rusty after retiring in late 2021.

He was later seen on Nicolas Otamendi's Instagram story performing stretches out on the training pitches in Doha.

According to sources, the former player hopes his contributions can be the deciding factor when they take on Didier Deschamps' France in the final on Sunday.


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