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  • Shamser Khalid

Protestor Invades World Cup Pitch with Rainbow Flag

There was a surprise during Portugal VS Uruguay match at Lusail Stadium when a man ran onto the field. The man was carrying a rainbow flag and wearing a shirt that read "Save Ukraine" under a Superman logo on the front and "respect for Iranian woman" written on the back.

He had run onto the field during the second half of the game, minutes before Portugal took a 1-0 lead through Bruno Fernandes.

As the game halted, security was quick to chase after the man. Before he was escorted away from the field through a tunnel, the flag was dropped on the field. The referee picked up the flag and left it on the sideline before a worker collected it.

There is no confirmation on what happened to the protestor, but this invasion is not his first rodeo. Identified as Mario Ferri - nicknamed "Il Falco" (The Falcon), the Italian has a reputation for disrupting matches for different reasons. The last time he invaded a match was during Real Madrid's Champions League clash with AC Milan.


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