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  • Shamser Khalid

Previous FIFA World Cup Winners: Who are they?

Everyone is anticipating to see their favourite teams play in the Qatar 2022 World. There is a strong line up of teams playing up with a variety of exceptional players. For some, this will not be their first World Cup, and possibly not their first World Cup win. The question is, who are they?

There are 7 teams in the current World Cup that have won a World Cup in the past. They are: Uruguay, Germany, Brazil, England, Argentina, France and Spain. While there are plenty of previous World Cup winners participating in the 2022 World Cup, there is one previous winner that did not make the cut.

Italy was the only World Cp winner that did not make it to the World Cup. Especially since the team had won four World Cups in the past. The first time Italy won the World Cup was in 1934. The last time that Italy had won a World Cup was in 2006.

Among the different teams that have won a World Cup, Uruguay was the first to win it in the inaugural World Cup in 1930. Italy had won the next two tournaments in 1934 and 1938 before before World War II put the World Cup on hold for 12 years. When the World Cup returned in 1950, Uruguay snagged the trophy after La Celeste famously defeated Brazil in the final in Maracana.

Brazil, however have the most Cups with five wins in 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994, and 2002. Between those years, Germany had won their first World Cup in 1954 while England won their first and so far, only World Cup in 1966. Following Brazil’s second win in 1970, Germany won their second World Cup in 1974 which was played in Germany. The team snagged then two more wins in 1990 and 2014.

Aside from Brazil and Germany, Argentina and France also snagged more than one World Cup win. Argentina got their first World Cup win in 1978 then won again in 1986 with Maradona leading the way. France on the other hand, got their first World Cup in 1998 and won the most recent World Cup in 2018.

Out of the different teams who have won a World Cup, England and Spain are the only ones with a single World Cup win, the latter having won in 2010. With so many previous FIFA World Cup winners playing the 2022 tournament, it’ll be anyone’s guess to who will lift this year’s Cup.


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