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Pori Moni Divorces Sariful Razz

Pori Moni Divorces Sariful Razz

Prominent actress Pori Moni has taken steps to end her marriage with Sariful Razz. The actress known for her role in “Gunin” signed the divorce papers at midnight on September 17 and has since sent them to Razz through her lawyer.

In this phase of her career, Pori Moni has garnered more attention for her turbulent relationship with Sariful Razz. The couple, who initially appeared to be deeply in love and had a romance reminiscent of a movie, blossomed during the filming of Gias Uddin Selim's 'Gunin.' They tied the knot quietly on October 17, 2021, later shared the news with the world, had an official reception in January 2021, and welcomed their adorable child named Rajya. It all seemed like a fairy tale, but sadly, the cracks in their relationship eventually became apparent.

Pori Moni has now taken formal steps to initiate her divorce from Sariful Razz. This development has been verified by sources with close ties to the actress, who disclosed that she visited a lawyer's office on September 17 to initiate the divorce process.

Efforts to contact Sariful Razz have yielded no response at this time. Nevertheless, he had previously gone on record, stating that repairing the relationship with his soon-to-be ex-wife is a nearly impossible task.

The relationship between Pori Moni and Razz reached a point of no return due to ongoing fights, disputes, and complaints, primarily raised by Pori Moni. These issues revolved around Razz's purportedly 'extravagant' lifestyle and his 'associations' with other actresses.

There was a brief moment of optimism when Pori Moni and Razz came together to celebrate their child Rajya's first birthday at the Gaan Bangla television office. However, it has become increasingly clear that their relationship is irreparably damaged.

In the divorce documents submitted by Pori Moni, she has articulated four primary reasons behind her decision to seek a divorce from Sariful Razz. These grounds encompass a lack of mutual understanding between the couple, an inability to adapt to their marital relationship, prolonged periods of communication breakdown, and the experience of mental distress. These factors collectively contribute to the basis for her divorce proceedings, shedding light on the challenges that led to the dissolution of their marriage.

Pori Moni officially confirmed the news of her divorce through her Facebook profile, making public statements regarding the end of her marriage.

Providing a screenshot of a few months old post written by her, she wrote, "Surely, many people remember this status! After five days of posting this, Razz returned home, and he deleted it from my Facebook. Then, he repeated these incidents over and again, by saying sorry, not eating, begging for forgiveness on his knees, and even threatening me that he would kill himself! I had to go though such kind of emotional torture!”

The actress further stated, "I don't know how many times I forgave him for the same mistake he did. I just wanted a beautiful and normal family and a healthy relationship. Sadly, he never valued this relationship. In front of everyone he showed off 'my loving wife', 'my son' but kept behaving terribly with me. He has only used this relationship for his own benefit every time!"

Additionally, Pori Moni announced her intention to assume full responsibility for all of her son Rajya's financial needs, which encompasses expenses related to his education and all other aspects of his life. Pori Moni and Razz welcomed their son, Rajya, into their family on August 10, 2022.


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