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  • Nasima Akter

Pedri Vows to Shave Head if Spain wins World Cup

With the World Cup squads announced, Spain’s central midfielder Pedri has made a pledge that he will shave his head if they win the World Cup. In an interview, he stated, “If we win, I let the hairdresser shave me or do something to me. We have a young team that really wants to do well and win. That is reflected on the pitch in every game we play. Instead of going against our youth, I think it's something that will work for us"

The 19-year-old player has been featured in 14 games for his country so far and is considered one of the future talents of Spain. Spain open their campaign versus Costa Rica and are in a tough group with Japan and Germany for company.

Other notable players who have made pledges are Robert Lewandowski and Alphonso Davies. Lewandowski has pledged to continue his support for Ukraine by wearing a blue-yellow captain armband throughout the tournament. Davies on the other hand has promised to donate all his earnings from the World Cup to charity.


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