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  • Shamser Khalid

Pakistan's Mohammad Rizwan Chats with Ball Boys After Match Defeat

After Pakistan’s second successive loss to England on Monday, star player Mohammad Rizwan was seen chatting with the ball boys at Multan.

While Rizwan put on just 40 across both his innings in Multan, the player decided to sit and chat to several of the stadium's ball boys less than half an hour after his team were consigned to a series defeat.

The moment was caught on camera by BBC's Tim Peach, who shared the photo on Twitter with the caption: 'Less than half an hour after the series defeat, and Rizwan is sitting down and talking to all the ball boys.'

The post received plenty of positive responses from cricket fans. One fan wrote, “Despite the pain of the series defeat and his subpar performances which deserve criticism, great on Rizwan to show such respect to the ball boys. Champion attitude.” Others commented on the player’s kindness and generally commended him and his attitude.

While Pakistan has lost, this will be the first time in 17 years that England's Test side is touring Pakistan on a three-match series and they’ve been showing stellar results.


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