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  • Shamser Khalid

Oppenheimer Tops Spider-Verse at the Box Office

Oppenheimer Tops Spider-Verse at the Box Office

In an incredible cinematic achievement, "Oppenheimer" has surpassed the box office earnings of "Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse" and "Fast X," approaching the impressive $1 billion milestone. Even after a month since its release, Christopher Nolan's World War II biographical masterpiece continues to capture audiences, collecting a global box office total exceeding $717 million. As 2023 unfolds, "Oppenheimer" proudly solidifies its position as the fourth highest-grossing film globally.

"Oppenheimer" has been enjoying success at the box office for the past month. Interestingly, it holds the distinction of being the highest-grossing film in domestic history to never attain the number one position at the box office. Since its release, the Christopher Nolan film has broken multiple box office records and recently became the director's fourth-highest grossing movie. Notably, "Oppenheimer" overtook "Fifty Shades of Grey," securing a spot in the top ten highest-grossing Rated R movies of all time. Furthermore, it has now surpassed "IT" (2017), earning a place in the top five.

The success of "Oppenheimer" is evident as its earnings have surpassed those of other notable projects. By surpassing the earnings of "The Little Mermaid" ($567 million), "Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse" ($686 million), and "Fast X" ($704 million), the movie has established itself on the path to the top.

"Oppenheimer" has currently accumulated a worldwide total of $727,524,270, surpassing the earnings of "IT" which had a total of $701,012,746. The four films ahead of "Oppenheimer" are "The Matrix Reloaded" ($738,576,929), "Deadpool" ($781,947,691), "Deadpool 2" ($786,362,370), and "Joker" ($1,066,208,658). Although it's unlikely for "Oppenheimer" to claim the top spot, the film could certainly continue to climb the list of highest-grossing Rated R movies before its run in theaters concludes.

Variety's report highlights how "Oppenheimer" has now entered the league of Christopher Nolan's cinematic triumphs. Surpassing the $715 million mark set by "Interstellar" in 2014, "Oppenheimer" follows the path of monumental hits like "Inception" (2010), along with the iconic "The Dark Knight" and "The Dark Knight Rises," both of which neared the remarkable $1 billion milestone.

Christopher Nolan's filmography includes two remarkable World War II-focused works, with the other being "Dunkirk," which achieved a significant $527 million at the box office. Both films are exemplary in the realm of WWII narratives. However, "Oppenheimer" faces a considerable challenge in its pursuit of supremacy, aiming to rival the incredible $1.2 billion success of "Barbie." This cinematic phenomenon is closely trailing "The Super Mario Bros Movie" for the top spot in 2023.

Despite its triumphant journey, "Oppenheimer" has encountered a distinctive challenge on the international stage. Its absence in Japan is a reflection of the deep sensitivity surrounding the tragic Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings, as well as other historical events linked to Oppenheimer's legacy. Nevertheless, "Oppenheimer" stands strong, gracing theaters worldwide and continuing to make its mark on IMAX screens.

"Oppenheimer" is heading towards the remarkable $1 billion milestone, showcasing Nolan's skill and leaving a strong impact on his fans and general viewers.


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