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  • Shamser Khalid

Neymar Shows Brazil Unity by Sharing Team's WhatsApp Chats

There was plenty of drama following the Brazil vs Croatia match on Friday. After several reports claimed that all was not right in the team, Neymar decided to act by sharing a series of emotional interactions that he had with his teammates on WhatsApp.

The messages, which were shared on Instagram, included a touching exchange between the PSG forward and his club team-mate Marquinhos, who had missed a crucial spot kick in the defeat.

Neymar had sent a heartfelt message telling his teammate, he was his fan and reassuring him that the “One penalty won't change how I feel about you.” In response to Neymar’s reassuring message, Marquinhos wrote, "Hey brother, I've been improving little by little, just giving time to recover from all this! And you? How are you? Thank you for the message and for thinking about me man, you are so amazing, I wanted everything to go well.”

The Brazil star player also shared the messages that he sent to Thiago Silva and Rodrygo after Brazil was knocked out. There were plenty of reassurances shared among the players as they encouraged each other.

Neymar also published a statement on his Instagram stories. "I decided to expose (without their permission) the messages to see how much we wanted to win and how united we were," Neymar wrote.


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