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  • Nasima Akter

Neymar Jr Predicts Messi Will Boost MLS Popularity

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Paris Saint-Germain's Neymar recently shared his thoughts on Lionel Messi's upcoming move to Inter Miami in Major League Soccer (MLS). In an interview with ESPN Brazil, Neymar expressed his belief that Messi's arrival will bring about a significant change in the league and elevate its popularity.

Neymar, who considers Messi to be one of his closest friends, revealed that he was already aware of the Argentine superstar's decision to join Inter Miami. Having had the privilege of playing alongside Messi at Barcelona, Neymar considers their friendship to be a wonderful gift facilitated by the sport they both love. Neymar conveyed his excitement to Messi, assuring him that Miami would be an ideal city for him to thrive in both professionally and personally.

The Brazilian forward expressed confidence in Messi's ability to transform MLS, citing his immense talent and global appeal as key factors. Messi's successful two-year stint at PSG, where he contributed with an impressive goal tally of 34 and 32 assists in 75 appearances across various competitions, has only further solidified Neymar's conviction. Neymar emphasized the transient nature of careers in football and encouraged fans to relish the opportunity to witness Messi's magic on American soil, underscoring the adage that nothing lasts forever.

“I already knew… Messi is one of my best friends, it’s a gift that football has given me to have the opportunity to meet him, play with him and then establish such a beautiful friendship.”

“I told him he’s going to be very happy for the city, for the lifestyle and for the opportunity to live and play here in Miami. He added, “I’m sure Leo is going to change the league in the United States. I think the league is going to be much more popular, so everybody has to take advantage and enjoy watching him play, because unfortunately nothing lasts forever,” he added.

Beyond the realm of football, other athletes have also shown enthusiasm for Messi's arrival in the United States. Miami Heat's Jimmy Butler, a highly regarded NBA star with six All-Star selections, expressed his delight at Messi's presence in the city. Butler believes that Messi's inclusion in Inter Miami will attract football fans from around the world and provide them with an extraordinary chance to witness the Argentine maestro in action. The anticipation surrounding Messi's arrival has generated significant excitement and anticipation among both sports enthusiasts and general fans alike.

Reflecting on Messi's recent achievements, it is worth noting his instrumental role in Argentina's triumphant FIFA World Cup campaign in Qatar, which concluded in December of the previous year. Alongside leading his national team to glory, Messi also had an incredibly successful tenure with PSG, securing the Ligue 1 title and the French Super Cup during his time in Paris. These accomplishments have not only bolstered Messi's stature in the footballing world but have also created a palpable buzz as he prepares to embark on a new chapter in his career in MLS.

As the countdown to Messi's debut in the American league continues, anticipation and expectations continue to rise. The prospect of witnessing Messi's transcendent skills on the pitch has ignited a fervor among fans who eagerly await the start of the MLS season. Inter Miami's acquisition of Messi has undoubtedly provided a significant boost to the league's visibility and appeal, with pundits and enthusiasts alike predicting a surge in interest and viewership.


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