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  • Shamser Khalid

Netherlands Coach Louis van Gaal Caught Propositioning Wife on Camera

Dutch Coach Louis van Gaal raised eyebrows when cameras caught him asking his wife if she fancied a quickie. Van Gaal’s wife Truus had turned up during a warm-down training session following the 2-0 win over Senegal and the coach was clearly delighted to see her. When the 71-year-old realized he was being filmed, he simply gave a cheeky grin before getting back to work.

The former Manchester United boss was never shy in showing his love for his wife of 14 years. Just last week he revealed how his wife had bought him three pairs of ‘lucky’ bright orange underpants to wear during the World Cup. He insists on wearing his favourite Y-fronts when he’s on international duty.

This will be Van Gaal’s third spell as Holland's boss after coming out of retirement to guide the team to Qatar. The last time that the Dutch coach worked with the team was in 2002 before he was sacked after Holland failed to qualify for the World Cup.

It is confirmed that after this World Cup, Van Gaal will be stepping down as coach due to a battle with prostate cancer, the coach remains as a popular figure in the Netherlands dressing room.

In one interview, Dutch defender Virgil van Dijk stated, “He’s our manager and we will fight for him regardless. But he’s also a great human being, very direct and we will definitely got that extra yard knowing it’s his last World Cup.”


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