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  • Nasima Akter

Netflix Releases Teaser Of David Beckham’s Docuseries

Netflix Releases Teaser Of David Beckham’s Docuseries

Netflix has dropped the trailer for "Beckham," a four-part documentary series shedding light on the life and soccer career of the globally famous and fashion-forward player, David Beckham. In the trailer, viewers get a glimpse of Beckham's childhood and early years as a soccer player, offering insight into his journey before joining Manchester United and his humble beginnings in East London.

"I never really did well at school," Beckham says. "All I ever really wanted to do was play football."

The trailer for "Beckham" also includes interviews with Victoria Beckham, in which she discloses the details of how they first met and the measures they took to keep their relationship hidden from the public eye.

"We would meet in car parks, and that's not as seedy as it sounds," she says. "Classy!" he adds.

The trailer provides a glimpse into how David Beckham ascended to global stardom and became a media sensation, particularly through the popular catchphrase 'Bend it like Beckham,' which featured in numerous advertisements as his career flourished in England. Beckham himself asserts that fame didn't alter his core identity, while contrasting opinions suggest otherwise.

Furthermore, the trailer hints at Beckham's clash with the legendary manager of Manchester United, Alex Ferguson. It also touches upon his tenure at Real Madrid, offers insights into his family life, and highlights his achievements. In a dramatic twist, it alludes to a night in which the runner-up for the 1999 Ballon d'Or found himself becoming the most disliked figure in England.

"I wasn't eating, I wasn't sleeping. It took a toll on me. I never even knew myself," he says in the trailer.

According to the official synopsis, the series "tells the inside story of a global football star and cultural icon. The docu-series takes you on that rollercoaster and builds a surprising, personal, and definitive story of one of the most recognizable and scrutinized athletes of all time."

David Beckham has indeed experienced a significant year in 2023. His MLS expansion team, Inter Miami FC, made headlines by signing Lionel Messi, widely regarded as one of the greatest soccer players of all time, as well as securing deals with Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba.

Additionally, the documentary will include an unexpected appearance by his former Manchester United manager, often referred to as Fergie, or Alex Ferguson. This cameo is sure to be a fascinating addition to the documentary's narrative.

The documentary will likely revisit the famous falling out between Beckham and his former manager, Alex Ferguson. This well-documented conflict occurred as Beckham's popularity soared in pop culture, culminating in an incident in 2003 where Ferguson inadvertently kicked a boot at Beckham, causing him to require stitches. Beckham subsequently left Manchester United for Real Madrid in the same year.

In the documentary, Beckham addresses the intense media scrutiny surrounding his marriage to Spice Girl Victoria, stating, "My life had become something different. It definitely didn't change me." This provides a glimpse into how he navigated the extraordinary public attention during that period of his life.


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