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  • Nasima Akter

Nehra, Shami, and Gill's Rainy IPL Moment

Nehra, Shami, and Gill's Rainy IPL Moment JW7Today
Nehra, Shami, and Gill's Rainy IPL Moment

The much-anticipated final of the Indian Premier League 2023 took an unexpected turn as relentless rain forced the match to be rescheduled to the reserved day. The clash between the Chennai Super Kings and the Gujarat Titans, scheduled to take place in Ahmedabad, was marred by the downpour, resulting in no play being possible. Cricket enthusiasts were left disappointed as the players were unable to showcase their skills on the field. However, this unforeseen turn of events provided a unique opportunity for some light-hearted moments amidst the rain.

In a heartwarming incident, a video went viral on social media capturing Gujarat Titans' cricketers Shubman Gill and Mohammed Shami, along with their head coach Ashish Nehra, enjoying themselves on the field during the hailstorm. Despite the adverse weather conditions, they took the chance to have some fun and attempted to catch the hail. Their infectious joy spread across the internet, bringing smiles to the faces of fans and supporters.

The decision to move the final to the reserved day was announced late in the evening at 10:55 pm local time. With the forecast indicating unfavorable weather conditions, the disappointment grew for the enthusiastic fans who had gathered at the Narendra Modi Stadium to witness the epic finale. Rain began pouring half an hour before the scheduled toss time of 6:30 pm, and it persisted for the next few hours, halting any possibility of play. The covers were briefly removed when the rain ceased after 9:00 pm, but it didn't take long for the heavy downpour to return, forcing the ground staff to cover the field again and ensuring the players remained off the pitch.

The ground and covers were left in a soggy state, with substantial puddles and damp patches. The dedicated groundstaff began the arduous task of clearing the water and preparing the field for play, but the continuous rain made their efforts challenging. Even with their utmost dedication, it would have taken them more than an hour to make the ground playable, provided the rain had subsided. With no immediate respite from the weather gods, the decision to move the final to the reserve day was made, preserving the possibility of a full-fledged 20-overs-per-side match.

According to the rules of the IPL, the final has a reserve day to ensure the completion of the match in case it cannot start by the designated cut-off time of 12:06 am. In such a scenario, a truncated five-overs-per-side contest would be held to determine the winner. Fortunately, the weather forecast for the reserve day, Monday, May 29, shows no signs of rain, raising hopes for an uninterrupted 20-over spectacle. Fans and players alike eagerly await the rescheduled match, eager to witness the battle between these two formidable teams

The Chennai Super Kings, under the leadership of their seasoned captain, have had a remarkable season, showcasing their dominance in the tournament. On the other hand, the Gujarat Titans, led by an inspiring captain, have exhibited their exceptional skills and team spirit throughout the competition. The clash between these two powerhouses promises to be a thrilling encounter, with fans hoping for an exhilarating display of cricketing prowess.

As the wait for the rescheduled final continues, the teams have an additional day to strategize, rest, and prepare for the grand showdown. The players will use this time to fine-tune their techniques, analyze their opponents' strengths and weaknesses, and devise effective game plans. The extended break also allows them to recuperate from the rigorous tournament and ensure that they are in optimal physical condition for the rescheduled match.

Cricket enthusiasts around the world eagerly anticipate the Indian Premier League final as it represents the pinnacle of the tournament. The IPL has consistently provided thrilling moments, incredible performances, and nail-biting finishes, captivating fans and elevating the popularity of the sport. The rescheduled final is expected to be no different, as it brings together the best players from both teams, vying for the ultimate glory and the prestigious IPL trophy.


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