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  • Shamser Khalid

Nearly 40,000 Mexico Fans Filled a World Cup Stadium

Every World Cup team has their own fanbase. Some are bigger than others as shown by Mexico fans. It was reported that in Mexico’s match against Poland, there was 39,369 Mexico fans in attendance at Stadium 974. For context, the maximum capacity at Stadium 974 is 44,089.

Before this match, Mexico fans had already made their presence known at the Katara cultural village. On the day before Mexico's first match in the 2022 World Cup, it was reported that hundreds of fans, possibly even thousands of fans had assembled in the village and held a raucous party.

Several fans were seen wearing costumes ranging from calavera-inspired outfits to luchador masks. The cultural village was also filled banners, flags and had all kinds of music playing.

"Mexico has one of the loudest fan bases in Qatar. We rival the Argentinians and Brazilians," said Zargento Tinoco, a Mexico fan from Phoenix, Arizona, who was at the event. "What sets us apart is we are also admired by other nations because we bring colour to life.

The party lasted till the late afternoon when other fans arrived. While Mexico’s fans were in abundance, the football team failed to deliver and was unable to reach the knockout rounds. The fans will be hoping for a better performance next World Cup where Mexico is one of the 3 host nations.


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