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MS Dhoni's Daughter Ziva Gets Jersey Signed by Lionel Messi

MS Dhoni's Daughter Ziva Gets Jersey Signed by Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi gifted an autographed number 10-jersey to MS Dhoni's daughter Ziva with the message 'Para Ziva,' meaning 'for Ziva.' To show her appreciation, the 10-year-old posted photos on her own Instagram page. One photo showed her wearing the jersey and pointing at the message. The caption of the post was "Like father, like daughter!"

This is not the first time that the Dhoni family has shown enthusiasm for the Argentina football star on social media. During the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, an old tweet from MS Dhoni resurfaced, having posted 'I love Messi' back in 2014.

MS Dhoni is a known football fan. He has been seen playing the sport with teammates throughout his career, and even owns a football team in the high-profile Indian Super League, Chennaiyin.

While Ziva’s post has gained plenty of likes and positive comments, it’s not the first time someone was given a Messi-signed jersey. A few days ago, it was reported that BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) Secretary Jay Shah received an autographed jersey from Messi with the message, ‘Para Jay Shah,’ meaning ‘for Jay Shah’ written on it.

It was revealed that Secretary Shah had the jersey when cricketer Pragyan Ojha posted a photo of him and the Secretary holding up the jersey in an Instagram post. The caption of the post said, "#GOAT sends his best wishes & signed match jersey for jay bhai! What a humble personality. Hopefully, I will get one for myself…. Soon."

Before the BCCI Secretary received his gift, it was reported that he sent a congratulatory message on his Twitter. The post stated, "What an incredible game of football! Both teams played extraordinarily well but congratulations to Argentina for winning their 3rd #FIFAWorldCup! A well-deserved victory."

Messi's number 10 Argentina jersey has become a hot item among football fans. While not everyone can get a personally signed jersey, there are number 10 Argentina jerseys for sale, and fans clamoured to buy one for themselves.

Among the few fans that managed to get a jersey was a young boy. He was not identified, but an Instagram video shared by ESPN that captured the boy's wholesome reaction to receiving the jersey on Christmas quickly went viral.

The footage showed the boy opening the package surrounded by family. The moment he saw what it was, the boy screamed in excitement before he continuously yelled, "Messi jersey" and then went to hug his mother.

There was plenty of positive feedback for the video. One comment said, 'Given the fact that it was sold out worldwide gotta appreciate it.'' Another stated, ''I appreciate the mom so much! I'd hug her too!'' Ever since Argentina won the World Cup after a 36-year gap and with Messi named the player of the tournament, his jersey has gotten sold out worldwide. The official jersey is even being sold for as high as $1299.

In addition to the popularity of the player’s jersey, Messi also led the celebrations in the locker room post the World Cup victory.


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