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  • Nasima Akter

Mizanur Aryan’s “Punormilone” Trailer Release

Mizanur Aryan’s “Punormilone” Trailer Release

Director Mizanur Rahman Aryan has generated significant anticipation by releasing the trailer for his upcoming web-film "Punormilone." This Chorki original production boasts a star-studded cast, with actors like Siam Ahmed, Tasnia Farin, Shashwta Datta, and more taking on prominent roles.

Mizanur Rahman Aryan took to his social media platforms to announce the release of the trailer for the Chorki Original Film "Punormilone," with the film set to premiere on September 21st.

The trailer for "Punormilone" showcases a love triangle involving Tasnia Farin, Siam Ahmed, and Shashwta Datta, which leads to division within the previously close-knit group of cousins and their families. Years later, when their grandmother falls ill, Ontu (played by Siam Ahmed) takes it upon himself to reunite every member of their family. The occasion is their grandmother's birthday, and the family reunion is aimed at resolving past conflicts, emotional issues, and fractured bonds among them.

"Punormilone" appears to be a compelling and engaging watch that the audience should not overlook. In addition to the talented cast members mentioned earlier, the web-film also includes Noor Imran, Tajnuva Jabeen, Nawba Tahiya Hossain, Dipta Dey, and Jannatul Ferdous Kajol, adding to the anticipation surrounding the project.

More About the Director Director Mizanur Rahman Aryan

Mizanur Rahman Aryan is a versatile Bangladeshi television director, producer, and scriptwriter known for his work on telefilms and TV series such as "Boro Chele," "Batch 27," "Valo Theko Tumio," and "Kokhono Na Kokhonow." Notably, his TV drama "Boro Chele" has achieved significant popularity, becoming the most-viewed Bangladeshi TV drama on YouTube with over 22 million views. He is also the founder and filmmaker behind Mr. Aryan Films, showcasing his contribution to the Bangladeshi entertainment industry.

Mizanur Rahman Aryan was born on November 29, 1988, in Comilla, Bangladesh. His father is a businessman, and his mother is a housewife. He began his education at Comilla Zilla School and later completed his HSC at Rifles Public College. Additionally, he pursued a higher degree at Jagannath University. His educational background reflects his journey from his early schooling in Comilla to further studies in different institutions.

Mizanur Rahman Aryan embarked on his directorial journey in 2016 with his debut work, which was broadcast on RTV and achieved considerable success at that time. His drama "Boro Chele" is regarded as one of the best Bangladeshi dramas of all time, and it played a pivotal role in elevating the profiles of the credited artists involved, including Apurba and Mehjabein. Aryan's direction has also contributed to the success of other notable projects, such as those involving director Sagar Jahan.

More About Siamh Ahmed

Siam Ahmed began his career as a model for Airtel Bangladesh and gradually transitioned into acting. His first venture into acting was in the drama "Bhalobasha 101," directed by Redoan Rony. Following this, he appeared in a series of TV dramas, including "Megh Enechi Bheja," "Happy Ending," "X Factor Reload," "Tomar Amar Prem," and others. Siam received significant acclaim for his performance in the short film "Bokhate."

In 2018, Siam Ahmed made his entry into Dhallywood (the Bangladeshi film industry), and his debut movie was "PoraMon 2." Additionally, he has appeared in various music videos, including "Bondhurey," "Cholna Sujon," "Tumi Chaile," and "Deyale Deyale." He also had a role in the Hoichoi web film "Lilith," alongside actress Masuma Rahman Nabila. Siam Ahmed's career has spanned modeling, television dramas, films, and music videos, showcasing his versatility as an artist.


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