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Messi's Wife Reveals The Meaning of His New Celebration Pose

Messi's Wife Reveals The Meaning of His New Celebration Pose

Lionel Messi, the Argentine football superstar, has been nothing short of a superhero on the field, especially since joining Inter Miami. He is so brilliant that even his celebration poses are also celebrated by his fans. Messi’s wife, Antonela Roccuzzo, reveals the meaning of these poses and confirms that they are Marvel superheroes poses.

The fans of the club have been treated to some amazing performances by Messi in his first few matches. His debut in the Leagues Cup against Cruz Azul was a thrilling one, as he came on as a substitute and scored the match-winning goal in the last minute, leading Inter Miami to a 2-1 victory.

In the next Leagues Cup match against Atlanta United, Messi was on fire, scoring two goals and providing an assist in a dominant 4-0 win. He opened the scoring just eight minutes into the game and quickly added another goal. But it wasn't just his goals that caught everyone's attention; it was also his unique celebrations that had fans intrigued.

After sealing his brace, Messi celebrated in a way that he had never done before. He raised an open hand in the air, directing his celebration towards his wife and three children, who were watching from the sidelines. This gesture left many fans curious about its meaning, but Messi's wife, Antonela Roccuzzo, provided some insight through an Instagram post. She shared an image of Messi doing the celebration and added a GIF of Thor, the Asgardian hero from Marvel comics and movies.

It turns out that Messi's eldest son, Thiago, is a huge Marvel fan, and his favorite superhero is Thor. So Messi's celebration was a way of paying homage to his son's beloved character. This heartwarming connection between family and celebration endeared Messi even more to his fans.

Recently, in another victory for Inter Miami led by Messi, he once again celebrated with a Marvel pose. This time, it was a nod to the Marvel character Black Panther. After scoring a sensational volley from close range, Messi struck an iconic pose, crossing his arms across his chest, just like the characters in the Black Panther movie.

Antonela Roccuzzo confirmed this connection through another Instagram post, where she uploaded an image of Messi doing the pose and mentioned "From Asgard to Wakanda." The reference to Asgard was a reminder of Thiago's favorite character, Thor, who hails from Asgard, while Wakanda is the fictional African nation associated with Black Panther.

It's delightful to see Messi's celebrations not only reflect his on-field magic but also showcase his love for his family and their shared interests. As he continues to shine for Inter Miami, fans can expect more exciting moments and perhaps more Marvel-inspired celebrations that bring joy not just to the football world but also to the hearts of his family and fans. Lionel Messi truly shows the spirit of a superhero, both on and off the field.

Lionel Messi surprised everyone in the football world by choosing to join Inter Miami this summer. Many fans thought he might go to Al Hilal in Saudi Arabia or return to Barcelona after his contract with Paris Saint-Germain ended.

But instead, Messi decided to go to Inter Miami with his family. He had a memorable welcome ceremony at DRV PNK Stadium to mark the beginning of this new chapter in his career.


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