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  • Nasima Akter

Messi Stopped at Beijing Airport After Wrong Passport

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Lionel Messi, the renowned Argentine footballer, encountered an unexpected setback during his recent visit to Beijing Airport in China. According to reports from The Mirror, Messi was halted at the border control as he mistakenly attempted to use his Spanish passport instead of his Argentine one. This incident occurred as the 35-year-old superstar arrived in China via a private jet over the weekend, accompanied by his bodyguard and a group of friends, including fellow Argentine player Angel di Maria. The purpose of Messi's trip was to join his national team in preparation for an upcoming friendly match against Australia on Thursday.

As Messi made his way through the airport, a video circulated on social media depicting him surrounded by several police officers. In the video, he could be seen clutching his passport while engaging in a conversation with the authorities regarding the issue at hand. Local Chinese press speculated that the problem arose from Messi's use of the wrong passport.

Reports also suggested that Messi mistakenly believed his Spanish passport would suffice for travel to Taiwan, leading him to assume it was equally valid for entry into China. In an alleged quote, he questioned, "Is Taiwan not China?" It is worth noting that Messi did not have his Argentine passport on his person, despite representing the national team in the week's fixtures.

Consequently, Messi experienced a delay of approximately two hours before he was finally granted a visa and allowed to proceed with his travel plans. This was Messi's seventh visit to China, as he had previously traveled to the country in 2008 for the Olympics, where he played a pivotal role in securing a gold medal for Argentina.

The incident at Beijing Airport highlights the importance of ensuring proper documentation while traveling internationally. Even high-profile individuals like Lionel Messi can inadvertently face complications due to simple oversights or misunderstandings regarding passport requirements. This serves as a reminder to everyone to diligently review and carry the correct travel documents for their intended destinations.

While Messi's temporary detainment caused a minor disruption to his travel schedule, it did not significantly impact his ability to join his teammates and participate in the upcoming friendly match against Australia. His presence on the field is eagerly anticipated by football enthusiasts, who recognize his exceptional skills and contribution to the sport.

Beyond his athletic prowess, Messi's popularity extends well beyond the realm of football. He is regarded as an influential figure and a global ambassador for the sport, with a massive fan base spanning multiple countries. His visits to different nations often attract significant attention from media outlets and fans alike, demonstrating the profound impact he has on the world stage.

Despite the momentary inconvenience at the airport, Messi's experience in China is likely to remain positive overall. He has previously expressed his admiration for the country and its culture, which has contributed to his frequent visits over the years. Moreover, Messi's achievements on the football field have earned him tremendous respect and adoration from fans worldwide, including those in China.


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