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Messi Spotted with Former Barcelona Teammates

Messi Spotted with Former Barcelona Teammates JW7Today
Messi Spotted with Former Barcelona Teammates

Lionel Messi, one of the world’s most famous footballers, has been back in his hometown of Barcelona for the past two days. Messi, who plays for Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), was in the city to spend some time with his family in their home outside Barcelona. However, he also took the opportunity to catch up with some old friends and teammates.

On Monday night, Messi was spotted having dinner with his former Barcelona teammates, Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba. They were joined by their respective partners and former fitness coach, Pepe Costa, at a local restaurant. The news of their dinner was revealed by Jijantes, a Spanish news outlet.

Messi's Last Visit

This is not the first time Messi has returned to Barcelona to spend time with his friends and former colleagues. He was also seen having dinner with them two months ago.

Messi has a close relationship with many of his former teammates, and it’s no surprise that he would want to spend time with them when he is back in town. This latest meeting, which reportedly lasted three hours, has only intensified speculation over his future.

Statements on Messi's Visit

Jordi Alba, who played with Messi for nine trophy-laden seasons at Barcelona, has recently expressed his desire to be reunited with his former teammate. In a recent interview, Alba said that Messi understood him better than anyone on the pitch and that his return would be beneficial for him.

Alba and Messi had a telepathic connection on the pitch, always knowing where the other one was. Before Alba left as a free agent in 2021, he played 345 games alongside Messi, combining for 34 goals.

Messi and Barcelona

Despite his visit to Barcelona, there have been no official talks between Messi and the club about his future. Messi’s contract with PSG expires at the end of the season, and Barcelona have publicly declared their desire to bring him back to the club. However, it remains to be seen if Messi will agree to return to Barcelona or if he will stay with PSG.

Messi spent 21 years with Barcelona before joining PSG last year. During his time with Barcelona, he won numerous titles and became one of the most successful footballers in history. His return to Barcelona has been eagerly anticipated by fans of the club. Many are hoping that he will choose to return to the team where he spent most of his career.

Rumors Grow

In conclusion, Messi’s recent visit to Barcelona has sparked a lot of interest among fans and the media. This is because his contract with Paris Saint-Germain expires in June, and he has not yet signed an extension.

So far, Messi has several options available to him, with reports suggesting that he has received a €400 million a year offer from Saudi Pro League club Al-Hilal. However, the 2022 FIFA World Cup winner prefers to continue playing in Europe, giving Barcelona hope of re-signing him.

Whether he will return to Barcelona in the future remains to be seen, but fans of the club are hopeful that he will choose to come back and help lead the team to further success.


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