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Messi Receives Life Sized Statue from CONMEBOL

Messi Receives Life Sized Statue from CONMEBOL JW7Today
Messi Receives Life Sized Statue from CONMEBOL

Lionel Messi, one of the greatest football players of our time, has received a stunning statue that will stand tall at the CONMEBOL headquarters. The statue, created as a tribute to the Argentine superstar, was unveiled amidst a grand ceremony where CONMEBOL paid homage to the Argentina national team.

The life-size statue depicts Messi in his iconic celebration pose, a fitting tribute to a player who has brought immense joy to football fans across the globe. The statue will stand alongside those of legendary footballers Pelé and Diego Maradona, making it an even more prestigious honor for the Barcelona superstar.

Messi's Response to the Statue

When the statue was revealed, Messi took the stage to address his fans and admirers.

Messi shared his thoughts on the honor and his journey so far, saying: “This is really a lot. I had never dreamed nor thought about this, my dream was simply to enjoy what I liked when I was a kid. To be a professional football player and then do what I always loved in this life, which was to play football. And I always tried to improve myself, to want more, and well, obviously I had a long way to go."

“I had many disappointments, many defeats but I always looked forward. I always wanted to go for a win, for a victory and that is the most important thing. To fight for your dreams, that everything is possible and to enjoy the ball, which for me and for us is the most beautiful thing there is.”

Other Recognition of Messi's Success

Before the statue, Messi received replicas of the World Cup and the Finalissima trophy during the ceremony before the Copa Libertadores draw. His teammates and coach Lionel Scaloni also received miniature trophies, including that of the 2021 Copa America.

During the tribute, Messi expressed his gratitude for the recognition and said, "It was time for a South American team to win the World Cup again."

The Argentine Football Federation also recently renamed the national team's training facility after Messi. His contributions to the sport and his country have been immense, and he continues to inspire millions of people around the world.

More than receiving recognition for his achievements, Messi has also received plenty of love from his fans. Recently, Messi and the Argentina team were given a warm welcome by their fans, which brought the player to tears.

Messi's Recent Achievements

Messi's achievements have been nothing short of remarkable. He has scored 99 goals for Argentina and is on the verge of becoming the first player from the country to score 100 international goals. He recently scored his 800th career goal in a friendly match against Panama.

As Messi's statue is added to the Conmebol headquarters, it serves as a reminder of the remarkable journey that he has undertaken to become one of the greatest soccer players of all time. His message of perseverance and determination is an inspiration to everyone who has a dream and wants to achieve it.

Following the unveiling, Scaloni's team will play Curacao on Tuesday in Santiago del Estero, where they will celebrate with their fans.

Fans eagerly await the upcoming friendly match, in which Messi is expected to score his 100th international goal for Argentina.


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