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  • Shamser Khalid

Messi Leads Wild Celebration in Dressing Room

There was excitement everywhere in the aftermath of Argentina becoming the World Cup champions. While the Argentinian players showed plenty of emotional moments after their victory was confirmed, a video by Sergio Aguero showed that things got wild in the dressing room.

At one point in the video, Messi was seen dancing on top of the table with the World Cup trophy. This was one of the few crazy things that was captured in the 19-minute video by the former football star.

Amid the many players drinking, dancing, and singing, one person was caught diving into the bin before stepping out to cheers and sprays of alcohol. Another hilarious moment caught in the video was of defenders Lisandro Martinez and Nicolas Otamendi twerking.

There was a moment when things quieted down while the Argentina captain was being presented with a $10 million USD for winning the trophy, but the celebrations were quick to continue once the exchange was done.

The video had quickly gone viral and currently has over 6 million views.


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