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Messi Gifts Gold iPhone 14s To Argentina Squad

Messi Gifts Gold iPhone 14s To Argentina Squad JW7Today
Messi Gifts Gold iPhone 14s To Argentina Squad

Lionel Messi, the world-renowned football player, has once again shown his generosity and appreciation for his teammates and staff. This time, he ordered 35 iPhone 14 devices for everyone who was part of the Argentina squad that won the World Cup.

But these aren't just any phones; they are 24-carat gold devices that will be personalized for each individual with their name and the AFA logo engraved on them.

According to reports, Messi has spent an incredible £175,000 to get these phones customized for his team. It's a grand gesture, but not entirely surprising given his reputation for being a loyal customer of iDesign Gold.

Why Gold Phones?

Messi's decision to give gold iPhones to his team is a departure from the usual gifts that footballers hand out after a big win.

Benjamin Lyons, the CEO of the company, spoke to The Sun and confirmed that Messi had been in touch with them a few months after the World Cup final to arrange the gift for his teammates.

"Lionel is not only the Goat, but he's one of IDESIGN GOLD's most loyal customers and got in touch with us a couple of months after the World Cup final. He said he wanted a special gift for all the players and staff to celebrate the amazing win but didn't want the usual gift of watches. So, I suggested gold iPhones inscribed with their names, and he loved the idea," Lyons said.

A Sneak Peek is Shared

Lyons also shared a sneak peek of the lavish gold iPhones on social media, causing a stir among fans. "When you believe in something, anything is possible! Check out these stunning 24-carat gold iPhone 14 Pros that just arrived at Leo Messi's home in Paris," he captioned a post on Instagram.

On their Instagram account, iDesign Gold proudly showcased the luxurious gold iPhones in a series of images, with the caption reading: "We are humbled to have delivered 35 bespoke 24-carat gold iPhone 14 devices to @leomessi as a token of appreciation for his team's remarkable achievement in winning the World Cup final."

In another post, they declared: "Our team crafted 35 exquisite 24-carat gold iPhone 14 devices exclusively for the Argentina squad and staff, which were then delivered to @leomessi's doorstep."

Messi's Recent Achievements

The footballer was recently in the spotlight for winning the FIFA The Best Men's Player award. This award is a tremendous achievement, and Messi acknowledged that his teammates and manager played a significant role in his success. Speaking at the ceremony, Messi thanked his colleagues and said that they represented everyone who had contributed to their victory.

Messi's passion for football is still evident, and he has not retired from international duty. He is looking forward to getting back on the pitch with the national team.

Argentina's Current Status

On Argentina's end, the last time the team played a match was a friendly game against New Zealand. Argentina won the game 0-1, and they are currently preparing for the Women's World Cup, where they will be playing against Italy for their first match on July 24.


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